Modore 140 Gas Fire

Element4 Modore 140 Extra Wide Inset Gas Fire

The Modore 140 is a hugely impressive landscape format feature gas fire that will not only quickly heat a large living space but will also create a stunning focal point that's very hard to take your eyes off – which also makes it a great choice to create the perfect ambience in restaurants and reception areas. Award winning Dutch manufacturer Element4 has quite rightly earned a global reputation for outstanding design, innovation and build quality and the Modore 140 clearly demonstrates the company's unstinting drive for perfection in all of these areas and is why The Stove Yard are such big fans. Nothing comes as close to the real wood burning experience.

With the Modore 140's big, nicely proportioned frameless viewable area that's 1401mm x 418mm you need a gas burner that's capable of delivering a generous flame pattern across the full 55" width of the fire bed without leaving any dead areas. That's where The Modore 140's unique Quad Burner System comes into its own. With five separate overlapping burners, the flames are layered underneath and through the highly detailed ceramic logs to produce an incredibly realistic fire bed with a flame picture that's simply hard to beat. Of course you also need to be able to manage the exceptional 2.2kW to 12.9kW heat output and again the Quad system's five individual burners excel at this since you can easily switch to four different combinations of them with the E-Save remote to endlessly control both heat and flame, as well as running costs. Efficiency is an excellent 90%.

The Modore 140's room sealed balanced flue operation, especially when combined with Element4's Powerfan which can provide an extended flue run of up to 36 metres, allows you a greater choice of installation possibilities subject the usual building regulation requirements. Choose either natural gas or LPG operation.

To maximise the Modore 100's stunning good looks we strongly recommend specifying the anti-reflection glass option which will virtually eliminate any distracting glare and reflections on the large glass window to provide you with an uninterrupted view of the wonderful flame patterns. It really does help make it look like a genuine open fire. Other options include a choice of fuel bed (white Carrera pebbles or white or grey stones) and shiny black glass fire chamber back wall to further enhance the flame picture. There's also the ProControl app to allow you to manage the Modore 140 from your smart phone or tablet.

Installing the Modore 140

Please refer to the dimensional drawings for comprehensive measurements. As authorised Element4 dealers The Stove Yard will be happy to provide specifiers of the Modore 140 with the information and technical expertise to ensure its efficient and safe installation. Alternatively, for peace of mind The Stove Yard can arrange for a Gas Safe registered engineer, who is experienced in installing Element4 gas appliances, to fit your Modore 140 for you.

Key Facts

Modore 140

Burner(s): Quad burner
Type of fireplace: Gas fires
Net natural gas capacity (min-max) G25: 2,2 - 12,9 kW
Net natural gas capacity (min-max) G20: 2,2 - 12,9 kW
Net propane capacity (min-max) G31: 2,2 - 13,3 kW
Efficiency: 90%
Black steel: (Standard)
Black glass: (Optional)
Connect to home automation: (Optional)
Operation via app: (Optional)
Powerfan: (Optional)
Anti-reflective glass: (Optional)
Control panel: (Optional)
Wall switch: (Optional)
Remote control: (Standard)
Convection schedule (s): (Optional)
Puck: (Optional)





Burner System for the Modore 140 Gas Fire

Quad Burner The Quad Burner has five different burners. This way you can endlessly adjust the flames and the heat intensity. Thanks to the large number of burners, it is possible to create a lot of heat in a short time. At the same time you enjoy an impressive flame picture . Want to switch to low power? Then simply switch off a number of burners with the touch of a button.


Element4 is the responsible fireplace company

With the multi-burner system and the eco-mode, you can enjoy your fireplace as a room heater and know that you are being as efficient as possible. Why use more gas than you need to? Why heat your whole house if you don’t have to? Area heating with great design, from a company that considers environmental issues. Some companies are ok to send the heat outside – not Element4 they are responsible when it comes to OUR environment.


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