Gozney Dome Pizza Oven

Gozney Dome Pizza Oven

Get your hands on the world's most in demand oven. Currently in Stock.

The Gozney Dome Pizza Oven is a Which? Best Buy and is also Ideal Home Approved. The Dome also gets a 5/5 rating for cooking from BBC Good Food so you can be sure that if you decide on the Dome it's going to be a whole lot better than your common or garden outdoor oven. The Gozney Dome comes in two versions wood only and dual fuel (gas and wood) and is not only beautiful to look at but also performs exceptionally well with an unrivalled versatility, whether you're baking pizzas or roasting chickens. Its relatively compact size certainly belies the scale of what the Dome outdoor oven is truly capable of.

When the Gozney Dome was first launched in 2021 its first production run sold out in just eight hours such was the initial buzz on social media surrounding this stunning outdoor oven. Gozney have an impressive reputation for the quality of their professional pizza ovens as well as for their ground-breaking portable Roccbox,so when they announced that they had created their first proper domestic outdoor oven which brought together all of their years of commercial expertise people were waiting and it became an immediate success. It seemed that the public were totally ready to welcome an outdoor oven that was considerably better, both in terms of build quality and predictable performance, than all of the other ovens currently available.

At the end of the day when it comes to outdoor pizza ovens it's all about the ease of getting to the extremely high temperatures that normal ovens just can't achieve. With the introduction of the Dome it was obvious that Gozney had set an unbelievably high benchmark which, with all of its great innovations, we believe is yet to be equalled. Sure it's not cheap, but we bet that you'll be enjoying your Dome for many, many more years and certainly long after all of the others have come and gone and we think that you'll also be making a lot more than pizzas in it.  



Gozney don't skimp on materials and this is obvious from your first look at the Dome which is further reinforced when you handle it. Everything about the Dome is uncompromising professional grade. In describing the Dome its British inventor Tom Gozney says the Dome has something like an Apple product's great looks and functionality with all of the benefits of a traditional pizza oven. We're paraphrasing here but we couldn't agree more.

The Dome will reach the 500ºC (950ºF) temperatures that you need to bake Neapolitan pizzas speedily and very easily. It achieves this with its combination of dense calcium and magnesium silicate fibre roof and wall insulation and its extra-thick 30mm double-layer Corderite baking stone floor. As a result, unlike some pizza ovens, the outside never really gets too hot to cause a nasty burn. This superior floor and cavity insulation allows the Dome to keep its heat for much longer than other ovens so that you can quickly add another pizza straight after removing the previous one without having to wait. The thick Corderite baking stone is crack resistant and also has the benefit of retaining heat and absorbing moisture to ensure a crisp pizza base every time – no more horrible soggy-bottomed pizzas!

The inner shape of the dome has been specially engineered by Gozney to deliver a flame that rolls and spreads evenly across the the entire oven roof for the uniform extreme heat needed for superior pizza baking. The gas burner which is on the left hand side of the oven has also been developed by Gozney to mimic typical wood flames so that even your gas-cooked pizzas will have that authentic blistered look. The exterior of the Dome itself has a durable ceramic bonded GozneyShield water resistant outer coating for all-weather use. Its subtle Bone colour is also UV stable so it won't fade.

Just some of the Gozney differences...

  • Integrated gas burner (dual fuel Dome only)
  • Dense oven insulation for speedy heat build up and superior heat retention
  • 30mm double layer two-piece Corderite baking stone floor maintains heat and absorbs moisture
  • Built in digital thermometer gauge for precise and reliable readings
  • 2 x integrated meat probes to ensure that meat is properly cooked
  • Combustion air ventilation dial for control of wood burning flame
  • Quick-connect accessory port (Gozney have plans for some exciting accessories coming soon)
  • Handy wood storage compartment
  • Detachable flue and cap
  • Ash compartment for easy removal of debris
  • Extended 5 year manufacturer's warranty (register within 60 days)


The wood fired Dome or the dual fuel wood and gas Dome offer you a great choice. Gozney recognise that not everyone has the time to make wood fired pizzas, especially when there's a family of hungry kids gnawing at their ankles. Speed has to be of the essence here and that's certainly where the LPG fired dual fuel Dome delivers in spades. It will get to the high temperatures needed for pizzas in around 15 to 20 minutes and believe us that's pretty fast. It will then take just under 2 minutes for each 16" pizza, which is probably quicker than you can get the next one ready. The gas burner in the Dome is as easy as using your oven at home with its ignition switch to fire up the gas and its dial to control the flame and temperature.

With the dual fuel Dome you not only get the convenient built-in gas burner but most importantly you get an oven that's also specifically configured for wood burning with the right hand side of the baking stone having a port to allow combustion air to access the wood fuel. Switching between gas and kiln dried hardwood couldn't be easier too. The port has a removable matching Corderite protective puck which is replaced by a perforated stainless steel plate to prevent too much ash falling into the ash pan below when burning wood. The removed Corderite puck then doubles up as a plug for the gas burner aperture to prevent ash clogging the jets.

One advantage that the dual fuel Dome gives you over the wood only Dome is that you can also use the gas burner to boost the oven temperature at the early stages of preheating whilst the wood is getting on with doing its job. This makes reaching the 500ºC so much quicker and easier. All you then have to ensure is that when you turn off the gas you also replace the protective puck.

The wood flame can be precisely regulated using the Dome's air ventilation dial. With a little extra work, you can easily get that fine wood fired flavour that will lift your pizzas to a whole other level. However, when you need it, the dual fuel Dome will also provide you with the speed and convenience of gas without too much of a sacrifice to flavour and, despite the extra money, it's this kind of versatility that would make us opt for the dual fuel model every time.



Whether cooking with gas or wood the Gozney Dome's unique design means that the perfect flame is always created to roll underneath the oven top to kiss the food with the extreme heat that's essential for the best cooking. This not only allows you to bake the perfect pizzas but will also allow you to roast, smoke, grill and steam a wide range of other great dishes to a professional standard. The in-built digital oven temperature gauge will give you precise and reliable readings to allow you to keep an eye on the heat in the oven to provide you with control over your cooking and to help avoid disasters.

The big mouth of the Dome's oven means that you can add whole chickens and meat joints (there's two handy integrated meat probes) as well as skillets and other dishes. There's plenty of space, even with a wood fire, on the baking stone to get creative as well as move dishes and pizzas to the side away from the flames. Dome fans are always adding videos with great suggestions to YouTube so it's worthwhile checking these out to get an idea of just how versatile the Dome can really be. From tender grilled steak and roasted potatoes to succulent baked salmon and char-grilled vegetables they're all ever-so easy inside the Dome.


The Gozney dome comes virtually ready assembledI. If you're cooking with gas attach the gas regulator and hose then add the drop in flue and cap and fit the supplied batteries for the thermometer and gas pilot light. You'll have to buy your own 9kg LPG bottle from a local supplier. Due to its professional grade build quality the Dome is a very heavy bit of kit so even with the lifting straps that are provided it will take two strong people to share its 58kg (approx 9 stone) weight when it comes to finally locating it.

The Dome can be placed on a strong table or platform, which for safety reasons must have a non-comburtable surface. Ideally it should be at a height to allow you to view the oven inside without constantly having to bend down and for this reason we strongly recommend the Gozney purpose-made stand which safely positions the oven door at a much more user-friendly height than a table top would. This robust stand with its lockable wheels will also allow you to easily move the oven into a garage or shed for safe over-wintering.

Keeping the Dome clean is really easy. Like all wood fired piza ovens the top lip of the doorway is always going to subject to some smoke discolouring but this can be simply wiped clean when the oven has first  fully cooled using soap and hot water and a non-abrasive cloth. The intense heat inside the oven will ensure that most of the food debris will have burned off. Any small amounts that remain can be swept out and the baking stone wiped clean with a damp cloth.

When the Dome has been fired with wood rake any coals to the front of the oven leaving any ash behind. Remove these with a brush and pan and next remove the protective stainless steel grille and sweep any ash into the port so that it falls inside the ash container below ready for safe disposal. Once cool and clean we recommend using Gozney's optional purpose-made protective cover which is designed to provide snug fitting, water proof, all weather protection so that your Dome will remain clean and ready for action as soon as it's removed

NB We do not recommend the dual fuel Dome for indoor use. It can be made to work indoors but only if the ventilation and/ or flue system has been professionally created according to building regulations and the installation has been subjected to the appropriate spillage tests. In the interests of safety always seek the advice of a qualified gas installer.


Wood only model

• Gozney Dome outdoor oven:

• Detachable flue and cap

• Dock and accessory port

• Integrated digital temperature gauge (including batteries)

• 2 x temperature probes for checking the internal temperatures of meat etc

• Manual combustion air regulation vent and ashtray module

• Intuitive Dome instruction manual

With the dual fuel oven you additionally get:

• Integrated gas burner

• 1200mm Gas Hose with LPG regulator (all you need is the 9kg bottle sold separately)

• Ignition button and flame regulation dial

• 1 x stone floor puck to switch between wood or gas

What’s NOT Included in your Gozney Dome package...

• 9kg LPG bottle which must be purchased separately from a local supplier


• Heavy duty bespoke stand with two bamboo side shelves and two stand shelves. Tool hooks and lockable wheels.

• Marine grade all-weather Dome cover. Fits over the Dome perfectly  – a must

• Gozney professional grade placement pizza peel. Made from aluminium with hard non-stick anodised finish. Tapered leading edge for ease of use and perforated to allow moisture to escape for perfect crisp bases. Head W305mm x D360mm plus 585mm long handle


Gozney are planning a whole host of pioneering accessories which will add to the Dome's cooking versatility and ease of use. If it wasn't for the production delays caused by the pandemic we would probably already have had some of these. Watch out for...

 • Rope sealed oven door for improved temperature build up, baking and, when necessary, adverse wind prevention.   Improves low and slow cooking and bread making

• Steam injector for baking bread with longer rising dough and crispier crusts but will also help with other dishes

• Automated pellet burner module – makes perfect sense for hands-off wood fired operation


When you register new Dome with Gozney within 60 days of when you purchase it from The Stove Yard you will be able to benefit from Gozney's extended manufacturer's 5 year warranty.


There's no doubt that the wood fired Gozney Dome can easily deliver all of the unique wood fired flavour for restaurant quality pizzas that you could wish for. However, the dual fuel Dome, with its gas burner also has the advantage of being able to provide the speed and convenience that a hungry family demands. Having the gas option will make it so much easier for many people to decide on pizzas for lunch or tea at the drop of the hat and probably be eating them sooner than they would if they had ordered takeaway and for that reason, despite the extra money, we'd recommend the dual fuel Dome as the best option.

But it's not just about baking perfect pizzas, either Dome will also give you the ability to create a whole host of other wonderful dishes using a variety of different cooking methods that will transform your outdoor cooking and will be a fun to use. With the Dome anything is possible and there just isn't another outdoor oven available that comes close to what the Dome has to offer.

Please note: Olive Green coloured Grozney Domes are now available in the UK.


Owners Manual

Dome Spec Sheet Dual Fuel

Dome Spec Sheet Wood

Dome Manual Dual Fuel

Dome Manual Wood

Key Facts


Brand Gozney
Construction Commercial 304 grade stainless steel trim, bodywork and legs
Dense calcium and magnesium silicate fibre dome insulation 
for quick temperature build up and excellent heat retention 
Ceramic bonded GozneyShield all weather dome coating
2-piece 30mm ultra thick cordierite baking stone
Double layer stone floor
Detachable Stainless Steel Wood Burner module 
Fuel(s) Integrated 8.2kW (approx) Gas Burner (dual fuel model only)
Recommended LPG gas bottle size
9kg (sold separately)
Optional seasoned hardwood / charcoal burner version
7.3kW maximum Wood burning (depending on fuel load)
Oven Heat Up Time (approx) 15 to 20 minutes
Finish Bone coloured dome with contrast black and stainless steel  
bodywork and trim 
Optional Finishes None - Olive Green Dome not currently available from Gozney 
Net Weight (unpacked) 58kg (9 stone 1lb) approx / 68kg packaged (10 stone 9lb)
Full all-weather marine grade cover 
Capacity (approx) 1 x 16" diameter pizza (60 to 80 seconds) pus small side dish 
or two medium pizzas 
Oven height is sufficient to take chicken or meat joints 
Oven Dimensions (mm) Approx H190  W550  D470  /  12.4" x 13.4"
Oven aperture H130  W410  /  H5.2"  W16.4"
Maximum temperature 500ºC  /  950ºF
Safe distance to combustible materials (mm) Sides 300  Rear 300  Front 1,000
Controls In-built digital oven temperature gauge 
2 x integrated meat probes
Ignition and temperature control on gas burner 
(dual fuel model only)
Approx Overall Dimensions (mm) H488 / 660 inc flue  W732  D630 (19.2" / 26" / 28.8" / 24.8") 
Flue Outlet (mm) 127mm diameter
Guarantee Standard 1 year / register for 5 year extended warranty


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