Esse Warmheart

Esse Warmheart Wood Fired Cook Stove

We fell in love with the Defra Exempt Esse Warmheart Cook Stove the very first time that we saw it and our Cheshire showroom was one of the first in the country to feature it on live display – and we've been cooking on it there ever since. The British made Warmheart represents Esse at their very best – an innovative and practical heating design solution with the highest engineering standards that's just simply a pleasure to own and use, especially for off-gridders. In terms of its good looks it makes more than a nod to the industrial chic of Esse's iconic design classic the timeless Ironheart range cooker. At 155kg this is a rugged heavyweight in more ways than one.

With a very effective 5kW nominal heat output that's more than enough for the average room and a large circular hot plate that offers you flexible cooking with a graduated temperature range from 190°C to 300° over four distinct zones. You definitely get the best of both worlds when you heat and cook with the Warmheart – two bites of your heat for the price of one, and of course, if there's ever a power outage then you really are sitting pretty.

On big cooking days the big hotplate can also be unbelievably handy even when you have a regular cooker on the go and for recipes that require long and slow cooking the Warmheart is simply wonderful. There's also a hinged heavy duty heat-conserving lid for the hotplate when you only want room heat. The stove's clever heat transfer technology and convector panels mean that within a few minutes of a proper fire you can be up to temperature for both room heat and cooking. The firebox's shelved firebricks also allow you to cook over the embers with the optional barbecue grill shelf to create those authentic wood-fired flavours that we all love.

As for ease of operation, combustion air management is via one simple slider control at the base with just one other external control to operate the sliding filter at the entrance to the flue system up inside the firebox. Once the Warmheart's fire is established this filter can be simply moved back into position with the control to help reduce emissions. To put it simply the Warmheart offers you many of the benefits of a range cooker but with all of the attractions of a wood burner and in a compact shape. This makes it ideal for a whole host of domestic applications too, whether in a kitchen or a living room, freestanding or in a fireplace, off grid or as peace of mind heating and cooking back up.

I think I’ll go and put another log in the stove.


Model Information
Energy Rating A
Ecodesign Ready Yes
NET Efficiency 77%
Seasonal Efficiency 67.3%
Heat Output 5kW
Flue Pipe Diameter 150mm
Single Air Control Yes
Approved for use on decorative hearths Yes
Requires additional room vent No
Graduated hotplate temperature range 190-300°C
Direct air kit compatible Yes
Clearance to Combustibles
Sides 350mm
Rear 400mm
Bolster Lid 416mm
PM 23
OGC 54
CO 1000
Nox 82





Esse Warmheart Technical Manual



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