Esse Bakeheart

Esse Bakeheart Wood Fired Cook Stove With Oven

The three-in-one Defra Approved Esse Bakeheart stove features a large graduated temperature cooking hob, a generous 32 litre baking oven and a handy firebox barbecue grill. It's essentially a versatile compact range cooker that will also deliver an abundance of precisely controlled heat to quickly warm a typical living space. This cook stove should be at the top of the list for anyone looking for a convenient heating and cooking solution for an off-grid installation or for back-up if your area is prone to the occasional power outage. In any event the Bakeheart is always going to be eminently practical to use and extremely good to look at. All that industrial chic styling inherited from  Esse's iconic Ironheart range cooker. We bet that once you've owned and easily mastered the Warmheart 's operation to get the best out of its total flexibility you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

As you'd expect from Esse the engineering and build quality is as good as it gets and this is a British made cook stove that's as robust as they come – it weighs in at a staggering 195kg (nearly three times as much as your average 5kW stove) which just goes to show the quality of the materials Esse have used on the two cast iron doors and heavy duty steel hot plate and bodywork. The firebox sidewalls are also made from proper refractory brick so that they not only protect the bodywork and reflect the heat into the firebox for greater efficiency but they're also strong enough to contain the different height channels for the sliding barbecue grill shelf. Despite all of its many cooking functions Esse still manage to provide you with a great view of the fire chamber and flame pattern through its big pre-heated air washed window, which lets's face it, is one of the real pleasures of owning a stove. 

There's just one simple slider control at the base of the stove which has a wide range to precisely manage the supply of combustion air to the fire chamber for total control over the 5kW heat to the room, oven and hot plate. Once the firebox is up to temperature cooking on the Bakeheart couldn't be easier. The circular hot plate has four temperature zones with a heat range from 300ºC in the centre to around 190ºC on the outside which will allow you to simmer. The hob lid is slightly domed so that you can char and steam underneath it and when the fire has died down to glowing embers that's the best time to add the shelf for char grilling or barbecuing to get those wonderful smoky flavours. The good sized baking oven has a temperature gauge on the door to allow you to monitor and adjust the fire accordingly and it's also big enough to take a large cooking pot or bread tin. When using the hob Esse provide a handy heat reducing screen which hangs off the guard rail at the front to cover the firebox door. This safely reduces the temperature at the front of the stove to around 60ºC.

Regarding installation Esse have incorporated side convection panels on the Bakeheart which considerably reduce the distances to combustible materials – a must for kitchens where space is always at a premium, and these will also quickly help move the heat around the room. The Bakeheart is is also suitable for installing on a 12mm non-combustible hearth so there's no need to create a costly and labour-intensive constructional hearth.


Model Information
Energy Rating A
Ecodesign Ready Yes
NET Efficiency 77%
Seasonal Efficiency 67.3%
Heat Output 5kW
Weight 195kg
Flue Pipe Diameter 150mm
Single Air Control Yes
Approved for use on decorative hearths Yes
Requires additional room vent No
Graduated hotplate temperature range 190-300°C
Direct air kit compatible Yes
Oven Capacity
Bottom 32ltr
Oven Dimensions
Width 350mm
Height 200mm
Depth 450mm
Clearance to combustibles
Sides 400mm
Rear 500mm
Bolster Lid 416mm
PM 23
OGC 54
CO 1000
Nox 82





Esse Bakeheart Technical Manual




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