ESSE 175

There are two versions of this handsome wide body British built  Esse 175 stove – one with stylish integral low feet (175 F) and one with a plinth style base (175 B). Both are 590mm high and both are exceptionally clean burning and perform an excellent job of surpassing the tough new Ecodesign emissions limits. For example CO (carbon monoxide) is only 0.02% and just one sixth of the Ecodesign 0.12% minimum – which in itself is a 90% reduction on what was acceptable before Ecodesign. No wonder that Esse are happy to make the claim that this is the cleanest burning stove they've ever made in their 167 year history.

These ultra low emissions and the 175's superb 83.7% (A+) efficiency are all thanks to Esse's three-stage combustion system which incorporates a catalytic converter filter (or combuster as Esse like to call it) located just above the baffle plate which reignites and burns off any escaping particulates that have been missed from the original two-stage combustion process taking place in the fire chamber below. When lighting the fire (or refuelling) to avoid clogging the catalytic combuster it can be simply moved out of the way with the external slider control. This also helps promote a sufficient flow of cleaner combustion gases while the fire chamber builds up heat and the fire begins to burn properly. The catalytic combuster can then be returned to its original position so that it can once again burn off the particulates from the hot flue gases. This system will also allow you to burn more cleanly on lower settings and also use smaller loads so that you can effectively reduce the amount of wood fuel you use throughout the heating season.

The Esse 175's overall contemporary and simple lines, combined with the gently curved all-cast iron door, widescreen air washed window, discreet handle and matching cast iron base or feet ensure that it will look equally great in any fireplace setting, whether modern or traditional. At only 325mm deep the Esse 175 is also ideal for shallow fireplace openings. Esse produced the UK's very first slimline wide body stove with their best selling Esse 100 model and they have been able to build upon this concept for their new 175. This too is a stove specifically designed to create a strong physical presence in bigger fireplaces, especially inglenooks, without delivering the kind of excessive heat output that can drive a person from the room or would encourage continuous slumber burning, which is both inefficient and bad for local air quality. Fortunately the Esse 175 is Defra Approved which means that it won't allow you to turn it down to the extent that it creates nuisance smoke (provided your wood has been fully seasoned).

The 5.0kW heat output should be more than enough for most small to medium-sized rooms. This is not only radiated in the traditional way but Esse have also cleverly included a vent just below the front of the lid to quickly convect warm air which has been heated between the lid and the fire chamber top. Esse's Precision Burn system provides the 175 with precise combustion air management, via its separate primary and secondary air slider controls, to deliver complete control over the fire and thus making it much easier to accurately set the desired heat output. All told this should make the 175 a very practical and economical stove to live with.

The 175 has a rear heat shield as standard and Esse can also provide an optional extra heat shield which, when combined with insulated twin wall flue pipe, can further reduce the safe distances to combustible materials. There are two external riddling controls at the right hand side of the stove for multi fuel burning and importantly a small flue pressure testing point which during the commissioning process will be critical for determining if your flue has sufficient updraught  to ensure safe operation.

Incidentally, the Esse 175 is also been tested and approved for burning smokeless coal and if you intend to use the Esse 175 as a multi fuel stove then the catalytic combuster must be removed first before you burn any coal – it's not difficult.  

Key Facts
Brand   Esse
Heat Output   5.0kW
Efficiency (Net)  83.7% (wood) 70% (smokeless coal)
Defra Smoke Exempt  Yes
Construction   Cast iron door, plinth base or feet and steel bodywork
Flue Outlet   125mm (5") top or rear
Fuel Bed   Externally riddled, closable wood / multi fuel grate
Finish  Black paintwork
Optional Finishes 3 colours:  Iron Grey, Bronze, Gold
Ideal Log Length (mm)  400 (16")
Net Weight  95.5kg
Air vent required   Not usually in pre 2008 homes
Direct Air   N/A
Minimum Distances (mm)  Top 450  Rear 600*  Sides 600*   
*Can be significantly reduced with heat shield option
12mm Hearth  Yes
Controls   Primary and Secondary + Two External Riddlers 
Overall Dimensions (mm)   H550  W556  D325
Options  Plinth base model 175B / Feet model 175 F
Additional heat shield
Guarantee   2 Years
Orher Models    Esse 105, Esse 155, Esse 500




Esse 175 Stove Installation Guide PDF


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