Dragon Revolving Cowl 150mm

The Rotowent Dragon chimney cowl is a device, which, in a dynamic way, uses the force of the wind to increase chimney draught, and prevent downdraught. The cap always places itself in the opposite direction to the wind no matter of its strength or direction. It can be mounted on gravitation based chimney ducts, ventilation, flue and smoke.

The special patented rotating system has ball bearings, which are uniquely placed outside of the cap, enabling the Dragon to withstand temperatures up to a massive 500°C.

This high working temperature enables the Dragon to be used on wood burning stoves, even on short bungalow chimneys.

Please note that the Dragon Cowl is not suitable for use when appliances are used for slumbering solid fuels (smokeless) and coal.

Please Note
The literature that comes with the Dragon cowl states that the cowl is supplied with 2 fins. This is incorrect. The cowl is supplied with just one fin, the wind, as shown in the images.


Item Dragon Revolving Cowl 150mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Colour: Silver
Approval: CE



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