DOVRE 760 Wood Burning Stove

DOVRE 760 Wood Burning Stove

The 11kW Dovre 760 Wood Burning Stove is a big, powerful and very impressive traditionally styled wood stove which, unlike the old stoves of the past, has been designed, first and foremost to be highly efficient and incredibly clean burning. It has a top A+ rated efficiency of 80.2% combined with ultra low emissions that surpass the strict Ecodesign standards. The Dovre 760's premium quality precision moulded all-cast iron construction also sets it apart from virtually all modern stoves which rely on much lighter comparatively inexpensive steel bodywork. The Dovre 760 weighs in at a staggering 180kg – that's over 28 stone of heavy metal to provide you with a long-lasting source of heat when the flames have long gone. 

Without a doubt this is a top quality stove that has been built to last by one of Europe's leading stove makers. At 780mm wide and 800mm high the Dovre 760 will not only require a large fireplace opening but will also need a particularly large room or living space so that its phenomenal 11kW heat output can really get to work. As it's also a fairly deep stove (565mm) the stove designers have placed the top flue outlet right at the very back of the stove to make for easier installation and to ensure that the 760 won't need to protrude from the fireplace opening any more than is absolutely necessary. This will also help with reducing the overall depth of the hearth needed at the stove front to conform to building regulations.  

The Dovre 760 will easily take logs up to 600mm (24") long which, if you harvest your own wood fuel, will save you significant time and energy on sawing. Unusually, there's a handy extra door with robust matching handle at the right hand side of the stove to help with loading fuel and cleaning. Controlling the generous 3.7kW to 13.0kW heat output range is via one user-friendly single slider control which can be precisely set to ensure that you always get the perfect balance of comfort and fuel economy – very important for high output stoves. Direct external air supply capability will enable you to avoid having to install the large dedicated air vent' required to conform to building regulations, thus also helping to minimise draughts. So if you're looking for a statement piece in a large period room then the Dovre 760 is a wood burner that certainly won't disappoint

Key Facts

DOVRE 760 Wood Burning Stove


Output – Nominal 11.0kW
Output Range 3.7kW to 13.0kW (depending on fuel load)
Efficiency Up to 80.2% / A+
Defra Approved No
Fuel Wood only
Fuel bed Grate and ash pan 
Features Side load door
Airwash Yes
Air Controls Single slider control for primary and secondary air
Construction Premium grade, precision moulded all-cast iron
Flue Outlet Top and rear
Flue Diameter 150mm / 6"
Grate Type Separate ash pan
Guarantee 5 Years from authorised Dovre dealer
Maximum Log Length 600mm / 24" approx
Finish Traditional matt black paint
Net Weight 180kg
Air Vent Required Yes (if not using the direct air connection)
Suitable for 12mm hearth No
Direct Air Inlet (DEAS) Yes 100mm dia
Overall Dimensions mm H800  W780  D565
Distance to Combustibles (mm) Side 500  Rear 400


Dovre 760 Installation & User Instructions


DOVRE 760 Wood Burning Stove Dimensions

Dovre 760WD Wood Burning Stove Dimensions

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