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The Dartmoor Baker 5 Eco cook stove by Dean Stoves comes in two different heights with the Dartmoor 5 Plus being some 180mm taller of the two. The Dartmoor Baker 5s also come as a wood burner or multi fuel stove with riddling grate and separate ash pan. These are essentially the same stove as the very popular Dartmoor 5 but with the distinct advantage of incorporating a very handy integral glass fronted oven located just above the fire chamber. As you’d expect from this established British manufacturer the unfussy Dartmoor Baker 5s are all exceptionally well made (even the doors have been cast in Britain) and their fifty years of stove making expertise is not only clearly in evidence everywhere in the Dartmoor Baker’s high construction standards but also in their outstanding performance.

The Dartmoor Baker 5 and Dartmoor Baker 5 Plus have a nominal heat output of 5.0kW with an excellent A+ rated efficiency of 82.1% (wood) and are both approved by Defra to let you legally burn wood an a smoke control area. They also deliver ultra-low emissions that warrant the best ClearSkies Level 5 accreditation. To manage the estimated heat range (3.0kW to 7.0kW depending on fuel load) Dean Stoves give you total control over the combustion air supply with two separate controls that not only allows you to control flame height and comfort level but also to fine tune the temperature of the oven. A powerful air wash helps keep the large glass area clear and robust stainless steel clamp door handles, sturdy feature hinges and industrial chic leg profile complete the picture of this well-considered and perfectly proportioned traditionally styled and highly practical stove. The Dartmoor Baker 5 and 5 Plus can be installed in a brick or stone fireplace opening with just a 50mm air gap at both sides – half the minimum distance usually required and can also be installed on a 12mm decorative non-combustible hearth.


The Dartmoor Baker 5 and Baker 5 Plus ovens will allow you to cook, bake and warm food while you heat your living space. Clever oven vents situated in the top of the oven in the top flue cleaning access plate ensure that any unwanted cooking smells and condensation is quickly drawn out of the oven and up through the chimney and does not enter into your living room. The ovens give you a choice of three shelf positions (on the base, in the middle or at the top of the oven) and will also easily accommodate a baking tray with a footprint of up to 200mm x 275mm (8” x 11”) or when removed a 150mm high hot pot with a diameter of around 150mm (6” x 6” dia). There’s also a removable cleaning plate to provide easy cleaning access to the top of the oven or for sweeping the chimney when fitted with a top exit flue. Oven temperature will depend on fuel load and choice of fuel but can also be regulated mainly using the secondary air control.

As you can imagine, since the recent surge in energy prices, all of the Dartmoor Baker models have been selling like hot cakes and they are therefore currently being hand built to order. The advantage of this is that you can have your choice of one of Dean Stoves’ eight tasteful colours for the paintwork and better still opt for the extended top plate (left or right hand side) which will provide another 120mm (approx 5”) on the top plate width to make your Dartmoor Baker an even more practical addition to your home. In fact, if you also choose to rear flue the Dartmoor Baker using the specially designed optional Back Flue Adaptor, which features handy flue cleaning access, you can create an even larger 550mm x 315mm totally clear hotplate with the hottest part being at the back and with plenty of room to slow cook or warm two or three dishes at a time along with what you’re cooking in the oven. With all of this flexibility and the Dartmoor Baker’s compact size a Baker 5 is also going to make a great solution for tiny space off-grid heating and cooking.

Also check out the 135mm (approx 5.5”) wider Dartmoor Baker W5 and W5 Plus with their equally outstanding performance and bigger ovens.




Heat output  nominal 5.0kW
Output range  

3.0kW to 7.0kW depending on fuel load (estimate)

Efficiency                           82.1%% Wood / 80.7% Smokeless Coal
ErP Energy Rating                           A+ Wood / A+ Smokeless Coal
Defra Approved                                  Yes
ClearSkies  ClearSkiesLevel 5 (the highest Level)
Fuel                                                    Seasoned wood logs / Approved smokeless coal
Airwash                                                Yes
Air Controls                                          Two separate controls (Primary Boost and                             Secondary Airwash / Oven Temp)
Construction                                          British cast iron door and premium quality steel bodywork
Flue Outlet                                             Top or Rear 
Flue Diameter                                    125mm  / 5"
Grate Type                                           

Wood burner has flat bed / MF model has multi fuel          riddle grate with ash pan

Guarantee                                              5 Years
Maximum Log Length                         280mm (11") x 100mm (4") diameter
Standard Colour                          Matt Black
Optional Finishes                            8 designer colours including Grey, Charcoal, Champagne and Mushroom
Options                                        Standard Baker 5 or higher leg Baker 5 Plus
Wood burning or multi fuel model options
125mm Baker Back Flue Adaptor with sweep access
120mm Extended Top Plate (Left side standard but             right side can be specified)
Stainless steel handle
                                                    Retro fit multi fuel kit (for wood burning only model)
Weight                                              N/A
Air Vent Required                                Not usually in pre-2008 homes (Subject to Building Regs)
Suitable for 12mm hearth                       Yes 
Direct External Air Inlet (DEAS)         No
Overall Dimensions mm                       Baker 5:  H720  W430 (550 with top extension) D315 (375 inc' handle)
Baker 5 Plus: H900  W430 (550 with top extension) D315      (375 inc' handle)
Combustible Distances mm                   Sides 550  Rear 150



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