CUBIS outdoor wood-burning stove

The perfect place to get warm when the outside temperature drops is in front of an outdoor wood burning stove or firepit.  Sit back and enjoy the warmth and sight of the enchanting flames of the CUBIS outdoor wood burning stove.  Wheels can be purchased, allowing you to easily move it to the place you prefer.

The CUBIS outdoor wood-burning stove is made from the highest quality Corton Steel which will age and weather naturally with a beautiful stylish rust contemporary look.


Technical data

Smokeoutlet, Ø (mm)                             125
Combustion chamber width (cm)            41,6
Height without/with wheels (cm)            288,5/291
Width (cm)                                             50,0
Depth (cm)                                             50,0

Without included 2 x 1m pipes: W: 50 x H: 87,4 x D: 50 cm
With included 2 x 1m pipes: W: 50 x H: 288,5 x D: 50 cm

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