Big Green Egg

Acacia Shelves for MiniMax

Add utility and style to your little EGG in ten seconds flat. These amazing Acacia Shelves slot on to the bands around your Minimax. No tools needed.

Are you a Minimax owner? Do you ever go to put down your pan or hang up your tongs, and they just fall to the ground? It sounds like you need our all-new Acacia Shelves for Minimax. Installation has never been easier: just slot the built-in hooks beneath the band on your EGG, and it's on. No tools. No screws. Just a beautiful, handy sidekick to the most flavoursome little oven you'll ever get.

This product includes two Acacia Shelves, each with four hooks. The inner hooks connect to your EGG, and the outer hooks are great for hanging utensils on. We're working on getting some precise dimensions up for you very soon!

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