Big Green Egg

2XL Big Green Egg

2XL Big Green Egg

The 2XL Big Green Egg is a beast; A whole pig can be cooked on this, with the cooking area being a whopping 4336 cm sq. A ConvEGGtor (plate setter) is included.

Ceramic Big Green Egg® including: Firebox, Fire Ring & Fire Grate, Steel Cooking Grid, Dual Function Metal Top, Ceramic Snuffer Cap,Tel-True Thermometer Dome Gauge

ASSEMBLY NOTE: Takes two people to assemble.

The Biggest Green Egg of them all, the unrivalled 2XL Big Green EGG can easily handle your family reunion or cookouts with large groups – and is more than large enough to satisfy restaurant and catering needs. You’ll need to gather a crowd to tackle all of the ribs, steaks and burgers this EGG can handle … all at once! You can even roast a suckling pig … explore all the culinary possibilities with the new 2XL!



The 2XL is the big daddy of all Big Green Eggs and its superb performance, incredible versatility and crowd pleasing capacity have ensured that it's also the number one choice for restaurants and caterers who want to easily deliver the authentic gentle smoky flavours in volume that only comes from wood fired cooking. The 2XL also meets the recognised standards for commercial use (USA's NFS Food Equipment Standards). So when your reputation depends on it you can rely on the 2XL Big Green Egg to provide culinary perfection every time. For its sheer scale the 2XL is relatively economic to run too. Unlike other comparable sized barbecues, it doesn't need huge amounts of expensive lump charcoal to get to operating temperature. When the cooking is over simply close up the two patented air vents to totally extinguish the fire and use any remaining charcoal next time.

The 2XL Big Green Egg's heavy duty Nasa-grade ceramic dome and bowl have exceptional thermal shock tolerance and strength and will not deteriorate over time (hence the lifetime guarantee). Importantly, they have excellent insulation properties to ensure that very little heat is lost and that the desired temperatures are quicker to achieve and heat is retained for much longer. The Egg's unmatched temperature consistency is precision controlled via the top and bottom air controls which will allow you to make the minutest adjustments. The 2XL has a wide temperature range from just 90ºC for up to 18 hours continuous low and slow cooking of up to 15 kg of meat and this can rise right up to 400ºC for quickly searing steaks and for baking guaranteed crispy-based Neapolitan pizzas (optional baking stone required). Its 29" (740mm) diameter cooking surface will easily handle up to 40 burgers or 16 whole chickens (vertically) and cook them evenly in one go to save you so much time.

The 2XL Big Green Egg's dome is extremely heavy so it's reassuring to know that its robust patented spring-loaded hinge design and big cool touch acacia wood-covered grab handle will provide you with well balanced, easy and gentle access to the grill. A high temperature refractory gasket between the dome and bowl creates an excellent longer lasting air-tight seal to further aid fuel efficiency and temperature control. This, along with the 2XL Big Green Egg's highly effective insulation, ensures excellent fuel economy so that, despite it being on the rather large side, the 2XL can actually be rather miserly when it comes to its charcoal use.



Please note that the sheer scale of the 2XL means that demand for it is always going to be limited and consequently not a lot of them are produced by Big Green Egg. The 2XL is therefore available for pre-order only. Please ask The Stove Yard for an ETA. Any special arrangements for delivery and assembly of this 27 stone behemoth can also be made at the same time.  

Assembly of the 2XL will normally take two (preferably three) strong people around 90 minutes or so. Great care must be taken when finally locating it. For this reason we strongly recommend buying the appropriate Egg stand (Nest) preferably with wheels to make this much easier and safer. At The Stove Yard we're also happy to build your Egg for you and to deliver it personally if you live locally. Please ask us for details –

If you're planning on making your own top or stand to hold your new Big Green Egg 2XL or perhaps even creating an entire outdoor kitchen then please check-out Big Green Egg's special advice on how to securely accommodate your 2XL Egg to ensure its safe operation.



When time is of the essence it's nice to know that it's very easy to keep your 2XL Big Green Egg clean and hygienic . Firstly rake out any ash (unless your using again it within a few days). You can save any large pieces of charcoal for re-use. Simply wipe down the external and glazed internal ceramics with a soft cloth without using chemicals. The intense internal heat of the Egg should burn off most grease and food debris and any that remain on cooking grates or metal accessories can be cleaned with a grill brush as you would with any other barbecue.

Maintaining your Extra Large Egg is easy too. After using it for about a month you'll have to carefully re-tighten up any bolts and apply some machine oil to the hinges. Also apply a wipe of cooking oil (not olive oil) to the cast iron regulator cap on the lid. When not in use, leave both air vents open and keep the Egg covered and protected from the elements. If you use your Large Big Green Egg on a regular basis then after a few years you're eventually bound to experience some minor wear and tear, such as wear to the airtight rim gasket, so it's good to know that Big Green Egg carry spares for just about everything you're ever likely to need and that the care and support they provide their customers is first class – and fast.


The 2XL Big Green Egg is the biggest ceramic charcoal grill on the market and will cope with enormous amounts of food which makes it the ideal choice for the professional caterer. It's super easy to quickly produce restaurant quality food in it and its sturdy construction will provide you with years and years of outstanding reliable and trouble free operation. There's nothing else quite like the 2XL for charcoal grilling and which also offers you the easy flexibility to allow you to mix up a wide variety of cooking styles, some at the same time. The Big Green Egg sets the benchmark the world over for savoury and succulent results so it's no wonder it's in the armoury of so many famous chefs.


What's Included


Your 2XL comes with everything you'll need to get cooking right away, except for the lump charcoal. There's no need to season your Egg either.

  • 2XL Big Green Egg
  • Ceramic firebox
  • Ceramic fire ring
  • Cast iron fire grate
  • Refractory ceramic ConvEGGtor (turns your Egg into a convection oven)
  • Stainless steel cooking grid
  • Cast iron rEGGulator cap (air control)
  • Integrated 75mm (3") diameter Tel-Tru all weather Thermometer Gauge



Brand    Big Green Egg
Model   2XL Big Green Egg. The largest Egg you can get in UK and Ireland
Construction Nasa-grade thick ceramic lid and base
Cool-touch metal handle with wooden grip
    High temperature gasket rim seal
Cast iron fire grate
Cast iron regulator
Stainless steel ash compartment door / air control
Refractory ceramic internal components
Features   Tel-tru integrated thermometer for precise cooking
Spring loaded hinges for well balanced lid 
Large cool-touch sustainably sourced acacia wood handle
ConvEGGtor plate for versatile cooking with indirect heat  Ash door mesh screen spark guard to prevent fly ash and ember escape
Fuel   Lumpwood Charcoal
Heat Up Time (approx)  12 to 20 minutes (300ºC)
Finish   British Racing Green high gloss ceramic base and lid   Contrast black powder coated metalwork, 
Stainless steel ash door / air control
Optional Finishes   None (if it's not green it's not an Egg)
Net Weight (unpacked)  170kg / 26 stone 11lb approx
Options  Various direct and indirect cooking accessories available including:
11pc Eggspander set
         pizza baking stone
cast iron searing grid
Choice of full all-weather covers 
Various table /  stand options (known as Nests)
Capacity (approx)  14 to 16 whole chickens (vertically)
15kg of meat joints
5 Briskets
35-40 burgers
18-20 steaks
2 x 9kg (20lb) turkey 
24" pizza, or four 10" (when optional baking stone is used)
4 smoking planks with for example, 5 fish fillets on each
Overall Dimensions (mm) approx H890 Dia 825  /  H35" Dia 32.5"
Grill diameter (mm) approx 740mm /  29"
Cooking surface area  4336 cm²  /  672 sq inches (4.66 sq ft)
Temperature range     90ºC to 400ºC (750ºF ) approx
Controls    Integral 75mm (3") diameter oven temperature gauge 
Top daisy wheel regulator
Ash door air control
Guarantee    Limited lifetime warranty on core ceramics components:
Lid, body, firebox and fire ring 
Three years on other components
(NB may be limited for commercial use)

Big Green Egg Warranty


Each 2XL Big Green Egg has been meticulously built using the very best materials and is rigorously inspected prior to dispatch. Your investment in the 2XL Big Green Egg is protected by Big Green Egg's free lifetime limited warranty to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that it will be supported and backed up by a company with a worldwide, five decade-long, reputation for delivering outstanding customer service. To find out more please check out the Big Green Egg Warranty page here.

NB If you intend to use your Big Green Egg in a commercial environment eg restaurant or cafe, then please be aware that this may limit your Big Green Egg warranty.  


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