Wiking Miro 4.9kW Wood Burning Convector Stoves

There are eleven different Ecodesign compliant models to choose from in the Wiking Miro wood burning stove range including wall-mounted, pedestal, covered log store and heat storage configurations with or without side windows, as well as options that give you a choice of 11 different ceramic and natural stone sides and tops. Not only that, you can specify Anthracite grey paintwork instead of the standard traditional black. All the Miro models are beautifully proportioned, extremely well engineered and very easy to operate to get the best from them. All-in-all the Miro is a very affordable Danish convector stove with just about something for everyone.

Further Information on the Wiking Miro Wood Burning Stove

All Miro models are both Defra Exempted and Hetas Approved Appliances and carry a five year extended warranty. They also feature the hands-off Wiking Automatic system which controls the supply of primary air to automatically boost oxygen at the beginning and end of the burn cycles. This not only makes the Miro easier to light but also improves its fuel efficiency and at the same time makes it cleaner burning to help minimise emissions. The main push / pull combustion air control, which is used to moderate the flame height and room heat when the fuel load is fully burning, is located just below the fire chamber and is the only one you need to use.

The Miro fire chamber features a full-height and full-width cast iron door so that there are no distracting panel joints to see on the front of the firebox and this has allowed the stove designer to maximise the size of the window and minimise the window frame. This is further enhanced by the full length side glass options. When comparing the glass area to the overall size of the fire chamber front the Miro has one of the biggest flame pictures of any stove available and, of course, the big door will also make it very easy to load. There's a large elegant cool-touch handle safely set well away from the door and this, combined with Wikings unique door closing system, ensures ease of use and an air-tight seal every time. For low energy homes and passive houses Wiking offer a DIBt tested and certified 100% room-sealed option (POA).

Ultra-clean combustion is central to the development of all Wiking stoves and the Miro is no exception. It features a highly insulated fire chamber with superior compressed vermiculite panelling for improved insulation which is designed to get the stove up to operating temperature much more quickly. This is further aided by the Wiking Automatic combustion air management bimetal regulator previously mentioned. Pre-heated tertiary air further adds to the Miro's efficiency and cleaner burning credentials. The Miro's heat range of 3kW to 8kW, with a nominal output of around 5kW makes it a great choice for the average to medium-sized living space depending how well insulated it is and its angled curved footprint, along with the side window option, means it will also work well placed in a corner.

Since the Miro is a convector stove, even on full output, this is a room heater that will be very easy to live with as the warm air it produces will be quickly and gently moved around to fill the whole of the living space and not just immediately at the front of the stove. The Miro Heat Storage option not only creates a stylishly tall and slender focal point in the room but also has the advantage of evening out the heat cycle as it slowly releases its stored heat hours after the fire has gone out. As we said at the start: the Miro range has a stove type to suit everyone and one that we're pleased to say is also very affordable as well great looking.

NB The Miro's 3kW to 8kW range means that the flue outlet size for this 5kW nominal heat output Defra approved stove is 150mm (6"). When using the rear fitting flue option Wiking have produced a free 8mm thick steel decorative cover plate for the top of the stove to hide the top flue outlet (please specify this when you order your Miro).

WIKING Mini 2 short legs in Fireplace setting.

WIKING Mini 2 short legs in Fireplace setting

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