Wiking Luma 7.0kW Wood Burning Convector Stove

The Wiking Luma is an Ecodesign compliant cylindrical convector stove with or without side glass which comes in wall hung, plinth, pedestal, log store and heat storage configurations with soapstone and ceramic cover options available for the sides and top of the log store and heat storage models. With its generous 7kW heat output, state-of-the-art user-friendly operation and outstanding Danish design and construction the Luma will make a great stove choice at an affordable price for medium to large sized living spaces, depending on the level of the room insulation. With virtually a full circular footprint (it has a small flat back) and the wide side windows option the Luma will also make a great corner stove (excluding the wall mounted option) that will deliver virtually a complete flame picture wherever you are in the room.

Further information on the Wiking Luma Wood Burning Stoves

With an A+ energy rating and 81% efficiency the Luma will be very economical to run as well. This is further aided by the Wiking Automatic combustion air management bimetal regulator, which is standard on all Wiking stoves. When burning wood this simple trouble-free mechanical device supplies primary air when it is most needed – at the beginning and at the end of the burn cycle thus ensuring that smoke emissions are considerably reduced and also aiding the stove's fuel economy. Pre-heated tertiary air also adds to the Luma's efficiency and clean burning credentials. As an endorsement of their low emissions all Luma models, like all Wiking stoves, are officially listed as Defra Smoke Exempted Appliances which will allow you to legally burn seasoned wood logs in UK urban areas.

There is one single push / pull control at the base of the fire chamber with which you can precisely adjust the combustion air supply and moderate the wide 4kW to 9kW heat output range, depending on how much fuel you have loaded. A big cool-touch handle and Wiking's unique door locking system ensures a secure seal every time – just a light pull to open and a light push to close and the locking hooks will simply engage for an air tight fit. The Luma features a highly insulated long-lasting compressed and moulded vermiculite lined firebox and firebed with a premium cast iron firegrate. Direct external air (DEAS) can be supplied from the rear or base (wall-mounted rear only) and the stove can be rear or top flued. When installing with a rear flue there is a free 8mm thick steel decorative blank cover plate available if specified when ordering. Ceramic or stone cover tops are automatically supplied with a matching 'plug' to disguise the top flue outlet.

So if you're looking for a well-built affordable cylindrical contemporary designed convector stove then the Wiking Luma, with all its variants, should definitely be at the top of your list.

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