by Richard Poulter May 29, 2022 3 min read

According to The Sun today we're heading for especially sunny weather during this coming extra long Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend and that's when the barbecue season will well and truly kick off. Eating al fresco with friends and family when the sun is shining is one of life's great pleasures and it's all the better when the food is good too. At The Stove Yard we're ready and waiting with some of the very best barbecues, grills and pizza ovens for those of you who are planning to upgrade their old grill and who want to take their outdoor cooking to another level.

When you visit The Stove Yard you really are going to be spoiled for choice and you'll also be talking to people who are passionate about their outdoor cooking. We're Northern Ireland's exclusive dealer for the world famous Big Green Egg. With its amazing range of accessories the Egg will not only barbecue but will also allow you to sear, roast, bake (it’ll do pizzas!), smoke, cook slow and low, cook in the pan and even cook Mediterranean plancha style. We've been in love with the Big Green Egg ever since we first set eyes on them all those years ago and have been producing loads of amazing Egg 'how to' videos for YouTube.

Then there's Traeger pellet fired grills. They have raised the bar for barbecues the world over and are quite rightly the USA's number one outdoor grill. A lot of what Traeger do can be automated and controlled via your phone which makes a Traeger Grill ideal for long low and slow cooking of large meat joints such as brisket. You don't have to babysit a Traeger grill either which will allow you to get on with enjoying the craic. Traeger even have a handy Keep Warm Mode so food can be prepared in advance of the festivities. However, the best part of a Traeger grill is that they will easily create and control the perfect balance of light blue smoke that's ideal for infusing all types of food with wonderfully delicate wood fired flavours. We can't recommend them highly enough and the best bit is that for the month of June, and for a limited period only, there's 20% off a lot of things by Traeger!

When it comes to choosing an outdoor pizza oven, it has to be one from the award-winning British company Gozney. They've been building highly rated commercial ovens for restaurants and caterers for years and have now taken all of that expertise to create two stunning compact gas and wood-fired outdoor pizza ovens. Choose from the amazing, truly portable Gozney Roccbox or the larger Which? Best Buy and BBC Good Food 5-star, outdoor Gozney Dome. Their unique designs are not only beautiful to look at and exceptionally well engineered but they'll both produce incredible restaurant quality pizzas in less than a couple of minutes. With a Gozney you're not going to be limited to just baking pizzas, they'll also grill, smoke, roast and steam a wide range of other dishes to a professional standard. We can't rate Gozney highly enough, so be sure to check them out.

Over the summer months as usual The Stove Yard (Co Down) will be holding cookery demonstrations and food sampling for Big Green Egg, Traeger Grills and Gozney on Saturday mornings. That's except of course for the Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend when we'll be closed and more than likely further honing our outdoor cooking skills to get to know even more about these remarkable world class products.

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