Fondis Ulys

Ulys Inset Stoves – Inset or open fire? Why not have both?

Ulys insets let you decide. That's because their user friendly 'slide up and hide away' doors allow you to easily convert your stove into an open fire whenever you want – and what a great looking open fire it will make too. The Ulys series also offers you even more flexibility with its choice of seven wood burning models, including double sided and right or left-handed corner insets, as well an ever-so wide 'landscape' model for the ultimate visual statement. All have high, but easy to control, heat outputs and feature four practical hot air ducts at the top of the fireboxes to allow you to deliver warm air to additional rooms and living spaces within your home. Two models, the Ulys 700 and 900, can also be fitted with an integral 'Zero CO' catalytic convertor option – a world's first, which virtually eliminates CO and particulate emissions and therefore makes either model the absolute greenest choice for the low energy environmentally friendly home.

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