Woodfire EX Panorama Inset Boiler Stoves

EX12 Panorama and EX17 Panorama

The two Panorama models have the same high efficiency and clean lines as the standard EX models but with a larger landscape window and a bigger fire chamber. This is the perfect stove for those of us who like a room full of firelight and who enjoy to lie back and watch the rolling flames, secure in the knowledge that the rest of the house is being heated.

There are two outputs to choose from, 12kW and 17 kW, and both models have the beautiful white chamotte bricks and the all-glass door, bringing a more contemporary feel to that most traditional of all activities warming ourselves with fire.

With efficiencies well over 80%, and emissions so low that they easily exceeds the stringent requirements of the 2022 Ecodesign Regulations, these two models are among the most technologically advanced domestic boiler stoves on the market.







Woodfire Ex Instruction Manual

Woodfire EX Brochure


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