Woodfire EX Panorama Double Sided Boiler

Woodfire EX12 Panorama DS and EX17 Panorama DS

The EX12 Panorama  and EX17Panorama  Double Sided models are a truly unique way to both run your central heating and give yourselves the very best view of the crackling flames. These models can either be built into a dividing wall, filling both rooms with their warmth and cosiness, or can take centre stage in a large room or open plan design. With up to 3 - 4 kW directly warming each room, and a further 6 - 9 kW going to the central heating, this is a wonderful way to bring a real fire into your home while ensuring lots of hot water and a warm house.

They can easily be linked in with a conventional boiler or with solar panels and so form the heart of a low carbon, renewable heating system.

An EX model can be installed low down, perhaps framed by a fireplace surround, or set higher in the wall for a really contemporary look. A log store can be fitted underneath or alongside to make re-fueling simple and bring the textures and smells of sawn logs into your home.

A woodburning stove always brings a sense of well being with it - it’s very hard not to relax in front of a crackling fire - but it adds an extra satisfaction to know that that fire is also warming your whole house, providing endless hot water for baths and showers and perhaps even storing up warmth in a thermal store so that you have a cosy house when you get up in the morning.







Woodfire Ex Instruction Manual

Woodfire EX Brochure


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