WIKING Miro 2 Wall Mounted


Wiking give you a choice of two beautifully proportioned 4.9kW Defra approved Miro wall mounted stoves and with their clean contemporary styling both are all about the great view of the fire. The WIKING Miro 2 Wall Mounted Stove has slightly angled solid sides (see dimensional drawing) rather than the side windows that feature on the Miro 1. However, you'll be pleased to know that you still get an impressive view of the fire through the WIKING Miro 2 Wall Mounted Stove's extra large window which is cleverly airwashed from the top and both sides to maintain the view, even at the end of the burn cycle. At just 355mm deep the Miro 2 is also a relatively shallow stove which means that it won't unnecessarily eat into your room space.

The WIKING Miro 2 Wall Mounted Stove has been DIBt tested in Germany so that you can safely install it in a passive house, AECB Carbonlite home or any house with MVHR without fear of smoke and fumes spilling (subject to BS8303 spillage safety tests). For these type of installations you will also need to purchase Wiking's custom made kit which will enable you to discreetly supply external air to the rear of the stove without taking any from the room, thus ensuring that the appliance is effectively room-sealed (apart from when lighting and refuelling).

As standard, the WIKING Miro 2 Wall Mounted Stove incorporates the tried and tested Wiking Automatic within its clean burn combustion technology. This automatically supplies boosts of primary air from below the open fire grate when it is most needed, such as at the start of the fire or when refuelling and this all helps to promote quicker fire lighting with the least emissions. Pre-heated tertiary air also provides a further level of combustion from the line of jets higher up on the back wall of the Miro's fire chamber. These are designed to burn off even more of the remaining particulates before they head out through the chimney. In addition the densely compressed, moulded vermiculite panels that line the fire chamber provide the superior heat retention that creates the higher temperatures needed for cleaner highly efficient burning. These features are just part of the reason that the Miro 2 produces substantially less emissions than those required by the tough new Ecodesign regulation requirements. Operating the Miro 2 couldn't be easier too. All you have to do is use one discreet slider control at the base of the door to precisely manage flame height and the 3kW to 8kW heat output range.  

When it comes to design detail and manufacturing quality we believe there isn't a better, more innovative, stove maker in the world than Hwam, who are the Danish owners of Wiking. They've been making exceptional stoves for nearly half a century and the wall mounted  Miro 2 is yet another great example of why their wood burners are so hard to beat – not only in terms of desirability (let's face it, with their exceptionally big windows they're just so good to look at) but also for the outstanding value for money they represent.



WIKING Miro 2 Wall Mounted Stove Key Facts

Brand: Wiking
Model WIKING Miro 2 Wall Mounted
Nominal Heat Output:    nominal 4.9kW
Heat Output Range:   3.0kW to 8.0kW depending on fuel load
Efficiency (Net):   Up to 78.0%
ErP Energy Rating A
Defra Smoke Exempt:   Yes
Fuel:   Seasoned wood logs (less than 20% moisture content)
Airwash:   Yes – top and left and right hand sides
Air Controls:   

Wiking Automatic system plus secondary air control

Construction: Cast iron door and fire chamber base with steel bodywork
Flue Outlet:    Top or Rear (optional blanking plate required when using rear flue)
Flue Diameter 150mm  / 6"
Grate Type Flat bed with open / close centre grate and ash pan
Guarantee:    5 Years
Maximum Log Length 280mm / 11" approx
Standard Colour

Matt black

Optional Finishes:   Grey
Options:   Direct external air supply system (aka 'Fresh Air System')

Top flue outlet blanking plate (when using rear flue)
Net Weight:   82.0kg (without plinth or legs)
Recommended Log Length (mm):  275 (11") 275 (11")
Air vent required:    Not usually in pre-2008 homes (Subject to Building Regs)
Suitable for 12mm Hearth:   Yes (wall mounted stoves must still have a decorative hearth)
Direct Air Inlet (DEAS):  Yes (additional fresh air kit required)
Overall Dimensions:  H712  W468  D355
Minimum Combustible Distances (mm):   Sides 520  Rear 100



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WIKING Miro 2 Wall Mounted Stove Dimensions


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