Wiking Miro 2 Pedestal

Wiking Miro 2 Pedestal Stove

The Defra approved Wiking Miro 2 Pedestal stove is a superb modern stove that delivers everything you could possibly want from a great looking wood burner. Its popular nominal 4.9kW heat output will suit most small to medium sized living rooms or even bigger spaces in low energy homes. The heat output range can operate efficiently from a lowly 3.0kW for cool spring and autumn evenings right up to 8.0kW for the coldest winter days. This is all dependent of course on the amount of wood logs you load it with but it's reassuring to know that the Wiking Miro 2 Pedestal will make a practical, energy-saving, carbon neutral heating source no matter what the temperature is outside.

The Wiking Miro 2 Pedestal Stove's elegant, yet sturdy pedestal stand has been designed to seamlessly dovetail with the Wiking Miro 2 Pedestal firebox's clean contemporary lines. The gently curved pillar and shaped base together weigh in at around 14kg just on their own to ensure that the firebox has a strong secure base to support it, even when the heavy duty cast iron door is fully open for fuelling and cleaning. The flush fitting door itself, which is the full height of the firebox, is perfectly balanced and incorporates Wiking's unique effortless closing mechanism so that you get a supremely safe 100% room seal every time. This room seal has been subjected to the tough German DIBt pressurised room seal test and along with the Miro 2's direct external air supply (DEAS) capability this makes it the ideal wood stove for Passive Houses (and its UK AECB CarbonLite equivalent) as well as homes with MVHR systems or kitchen diners with extractor fans.

The Wiking Miro 2 Pedestal Stove's emissions are significantly lower than those required to pass the strict new Ecodesign regulations and these clean burning credentials have been aided by the Wiking Automatic which comes as standard. This tried and test mechanical device automatically boosts the supply of primary combustion air when lighting and refuelling as well as at the end of the burn cycle which is when stoves tend to produce most smoke. The extra supply of combustion air keeps the fire chamber hotter so that more particulates are burned off. Pre-heated tertiary air (the little jets on the fire chamber back wall) supply even more air to promote further effective combustion and greater efficiency. The extra large window is air washed from the top and sides and there is just one single user-friendly slider control for the perfect flame pattern every time.

Build quality, as you'd expect from the Danes, is exemplary. Superior steel bodywork, premium cast iron door and cast fire grate, along with the class-leading compressed engineered vermiculite fire chamber lining, tells you immediately that the Wiking Miro 2 Pedestal is a high quality stove – and importantly, it can be had for a relatively modest price too.



Wiking Miro 2 Pedestal Stove Key Facts

Brand: Wiking
Model Wiking Miro 2 Pedestal
Nominal Heat Output:    nominal 4.9kW
Heat Output Range:   3.0kW to 8.0kW depending on fuel load
Efficiency (Net):   Up to 78.0%
ErP Energy Rating A
Defra Smoke Exempt:   Yes
Fuel:   Seasoned wood logs (less than 20% moisture content)
Airwash:   Yes – top and left and right hand sides
Air Controls:   

Wiking Automatic system plus secondary air control

Construction: Cast iron door and fire chamber base with steel bodywork
Flue Outlet:    Top or Rear (optional blanking plate required when using rear flue)
Flue Diameter 150mm  / 6"
Grate Type Flat bed with open / close centre grate and ash pan
Guarantee:    5 Years
Maximum Log Length 280mm / 11" approx
Standard Colour

Matt black

Optional Finishes:   Grey
Options:   Direct external air supply system (aka 'Fresh Air System')

Top flue outlet blanking plate (when using rear flue)
Net Weight:   93.0kg
Recommended Log Length (mm):  275 (11") 275 (11")
Air vent required:    Not usually in pre-2008 homes (Subject to Building Regs)
Suitable for 12mm Hearth:   Yes
Direct Air Inlet (DEAS):  Yes (additional fresh air kit required)
Overall Dimensions:  H1108 W468 D356
Minimum Combustible Distances (mm):   Sides 520  Rear 100





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Wiking Miro 2 Pedestal Stove Dimensions

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