WIKING Mini 2 - wall mounted

This model is available in four different variants to suit every taste and need. It may be placed on a small plinth, low legs, high legs, or mounted on the wall.

Energy efficiency class WIKING®Automatic™

Operating range
3-7 kW
Nominal output
4,5 kW
Net efficiency 83%
Flue outlet, Ø 125 or Ø 150 mm
Combustion chamber width front/rear
35/32 cm
Chimney draught, min.
12 Pa
Connection from floor to topoutlet, plinth
56,9 cm
Connection from floor to topoutlet, low legs
61,3 cm
Connection from floor to topoutlet, high legs
79,3 cm
Connection from lower edge of stove to topoutlet, wall mounted
55,0 cm
Distance to combustible material

12,5/32,5 cm
Distance from furniture, front
100 cm
If placed in corner, 45º
7,5 cm
Above combustible flooring
22 cm

Weight without plinth/legs
71,2 kg
Weight with a plinth
72,1 kg
Weight with low legs
72,0 kg
Weight with high legs
73,5 kg
  • EN 13240 (Europe)
  • NS 3058/3059 (Norway)
  • Art. 15a (Austria)
  • DEFRA (England)
  • HETAS (England)
  • Flue outlet top or rear
  • Colour: black
  • Combustion air kit (rear/floor connection, (Ø100mm), when fitted with plinth, air can only be taken through the floor.
  • On a plinth, with low or high legs




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