WIKING Mini 2 Plinth

Wiking offer their 4.5kW Defra Approved Mini 2 wood burner in a choice of three heights – discreet low plinth, short leg and high leg as well as a wall-mounted version. Whatever model you choose you can be sure that the Wiking Mini 2 Plinth combines the very best in clean combustion technology with beautiful understated contemporary Danish design at an affordable price.

The Wiking Mini 2 Plinth has been a Stove Yard best seller from day-one and features as standard the user-friendly Wiking Automatic combustion air management system which regulates the supply of primary booster and secondary air. This makes the stove easier and quicker to light and also improves efficiency at the beginning and end of the burn cycle by automatically mixing the air supply which also minimises the potential to create smoke. A single air control slider at the fire chamber base then allows you to precisely regulate the flame pattern and set your desired heat once the stove is at operational temperature.

The Wiking Mini 2 Plinth fire chamber is lined with 5 dense compression-moulded, tightly fitting and highly insulating vermiculate panels which promote the quick build up of heat for cleaner burning and higher efficiency (up to 83% and A+ rated). The low profile plinth and the gently convex curved door (which includes Wiking's unique closing mechanism) are both constructed of longer-lasting cast iron and in terms of appearance the Wiking Mini 2 Plinth is unfussy and understated allowing you to focus on the wonderful flames through its big window – one of the biggest. This minimal styling and virtual complete view of the fire makes the Wiking Mini 2 Plinth an ideal choice for either contemporary or traditionally styled fireplace openings. 

NB Due to the proximity of the fire chamber to the floor this particular version, The Wiking Mini 2 Plinth is not suitable for placing on a 12mm hearth.

Energy efficiency class WIKING®Automatic™    A+

Brand: Wiking
Model Wiking Mini 2 Plinth
Heat Output Range:   3.0kW to 7.0kW
Nominal Heat Output:    4.5kW
Efficiency (Net):   A+ rated 83.0% (wood) 
Defra Smoke Exempt:   Yes
Construction:   Cast iron door and plinth with steel bodywork Cast iron door and plinth with steel bodywork
Flue Outlet:    125mm (5") top or rear (150mm option)
Airwash:   Yes, preheated
Fuel Bed:    Flat cast iron base
Fuel:   Seasoned Wood Logs
Finish:  Black Black
Optional Finishes:   Grey
Recommended Log Length (mm):  275 (11") 275 (11")
Net Weight:   72.1kg
Air vent required:    Not usually in pre-2008 houses
Direct Air Inlet (DEAS):  100mm dia (rear or base)
Minimum Combustible Distances (mm):   Sides 325  Rear 125  
12mm Hearth:   No
Controls:    Single slider control (primary and secondary mix)
Overall Dimensions:  H608  W468  D356
Options:   150mm / 6” flue outlet 
External air kit
Guarantee:    5 Years
Other models to consider:     Wiking Mini 2 Short Legs, Wiking Miro 1 Plinth




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