Wiking Luma 6 Stove with Soapstone or Tile Finish

The Luma 6, with soapstone or tile panels, not only makes an Impressive 7kW heating solution but also a stunning contemporary focal point...

The stylish state-of-the-art Luma 6, with its heat storage option, by any standards is already a seriously impressive stove, especially for the money. However, when you add traditional slow-release soapstone or a choice of ten different coloured ceramic tile panellings, this moves the Wiking Luma 6 into an entirely different league, both aesthetically and practically.

The beauty of heat storage convector stoves and all those great looking panels is that when used correctly they can offer you a much more even distribution of heat throughout the required heat period that's much easier to live with, especially where the stove delivers more than 5kW of heat. It works like this – as the fire builds heat it not only warms the air and moves it around the living space but at the same time a chunk of its generous 7.0kW output is absorbed by the heat retaining stones and side panels for later slow release as the fire burns down and dies. This is highly advantageous for large living spaces in post-2008 and passive house style highly insulated homes where a little heat will go a very long way. Once the stones and panels have built up heat and are hot enough they will ooze sufficient gentle warmth to take over from the log fire (and any other heat source in the house for that matter) so that typically the log fire will probably no longer be needed for the rest of the evening – unless you also want to simply enjoy all of those beautiful living dancing flames.

The Luma 6 has an efficiency of up to 81% with an A+ energy rating and being both Defra Smoke Exempt and 2022 Ecodesign Ready means that its ultra-low emissions and clean burning are just about as friendly to the environment as it's possible to be – and of course, wood logs are both sustainable and virtually carbon neutral. There is one single push / pull control at the base of the fire chamber with which you can moderate the 4kW to 9kW heat output range. Combustion control and fuel economy are further aided by the Wiking Automatic combustion air management bimetal regulator, which is standard on all Wiking stoves.

Direct external air (DEAS) can be supplied from the rear or base and the stove can be rear or top flued. Ceramic or stone cover tops are automatically supplied with a matching 'plug' to disguise the unused top flue outlet. For low energy homes and installations where mechanical extraction, such as MVHR is present, you also have the option to specify a DIBt tested variation of the stove. DIBt is the tough German s standard which guarantees a super safe 100% room seal on the stove door and bodywork.  

Key Facts

Brand Wiking
Heat Output 7.0kW nominal
Heat Range 4.0kW up to 9.0kW depending on load
Efficiency (Net) Up to 81.0% / ErP A+ 
Defra Exempt Yes
Ecodesign Yes – 2022 Ecodesign Ready
Construction Steel bodywork with cast iron door and firegrate
Flue Outlet Top or Rear 150mm (6")
Fuel Bed
Vermiculite base with cast iron grate and steel ash pan
Finish Anthracite Grey Paint plus soapstone or ceramic tile choice
Optional Finishes Luma 6 with Soapstone or Tiles
Log Length Maximum 330mm (approx 13")
Weight Soapstone 266kg / Ceramics 165kg (+45kg for heat storage stones option)
Air Vent Required Yes 
Direct Air Yes 100mm dia inlet
Minimum Distances  Sides 400mm (600mm for side glass) Rear 150mm Front to furniture 1100mm
12 mm Hearth Yes (Subject to Building Regulations)
Single Control for Primary and Secondary / Wiking Automatic Management
Guarantee 5 Years (Subject to T & Cs)
Other Models Luma 6 without Soapstone or Tiles


  • CE EN 13240 (Europe)
  • DIBt (Germany). Suitable for installations with MVHR 
  • 2022 Ecodesign (EU / UK)
  • DEFRA Smoke Exemption (UK)
  • Hetas Registered Appliance (UK)
  • NS 3058/3059 (Norway)
  • Art. 15a (Austria)


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