Vogue Midi T Midline

Vogue Midi T Midline Gas Stoves

The elegant Vogue Midi T, at 776mm high, is a taller version of the basic Vogue Midi by some 137mm and features a taller firebox and tall side windows for an improved 180º view of the wonderfully realistic ceramic log fire bed and splendid long flame patterns. This makes it ideal for free-standing locations along a flat wall where you'll be able to get a great view of the fire wherever you are in the room. To create an even bigger impression the Midi T also comes in Midline (928mm high) and Highline (1260mm high) versions that feature matching cast-iron fronted log stands which can be filled with real logs for that authentic log burner look. 

The Midi T gives you a choice of either Natural Gas or LPG and conventional or balanced flue. Fuel efficiency is 78% for the conventional flue configuration and a whopping 94.3% for the balanced flue. The heat output range is from 2.0kW up to 4.8kW and you have a choice of two upgrades for the remote which includes a programmable thermostatic upgrade which lets you set the room temperature and precisely when the stove comes on and goes off, just like your central heating. 

Not only are all three versions of the Vogue Midi T great looking (our favourite is the stunning Midi T Highline), but they're all going to be economic to run (especially when the programmable thermostatic remote is specified) and supremely flexible when it comes to your installation choices and gas type. In addition when you buy your Vogue Midi T from The Stove Yard, as an approved Gazco Expert Retailer we can offer you Gazco's two-year warranty as standard (it's only one year from non-approved resellers) which can then be extended to five years by simply registering your purchase on the Gazco website.

The Vogue Midi T, balanced flue version, is also available as a wall mounted model.

Key Facts

Brand Gazco
Heat Output 2.0- 4.8kW
High Efficiency Conventional Flue: 78.0%
Balanced Flue: 94.3%
Command Controls Manual, Standard upgradeable or
Programmable Thermostatic upgradeable
Colour Choice Matt Black
Fuel Bed Ceramic Logs
Sizes Available Midi T, Midi T Midline and Midi T Highline


Vogue Midi T Gas Stoves Information

Model A B C D E F G Energy Efficiency Class**
Vogue Midi T (CF) 776mm 416mm 367mm 208mm 121mm 615mm 11mm E
Vogue Midi T (BF) 776mm 416mm 348mm 208mm 137mm 607mm
Vogue Midi T Midline (CF) 928mm 416mm 348mm 208mm 137mm 607mm 11mm E
Vogue Midi T Midline (BF) 928mm 416mm 348mm 208mm 137mm 607mm 11mm A
Vogue Midi T Highline (CF) 1260mm 416mm 348mm 208mm 121mm 1099mm 11mm E
Vogue Midi T Highline (BF) 1260mm 416mm 348mm 208mm 137mm 1091mm 11mm A


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