Traeger ModiFIRE Reversible Cast Iron Griddle

ModiFIRE® Reversible Cast Iron Griddle for Traeger Grills

Elevate your Traeger grilling game with our ModiFIRE® Reversible Cast Iron Griddle. Seamlessly designed to fit all ModiFIRE-compatible Traeger grills, this versatile griddle offers both a smooth surface for breakfast classics like eggs & bacon and a ridged side for impeccable searing. For hassle-free cooking, excess grease is channeled directly into your grill’s EZ-Clean™ Grease & Ash Keg.

Quick-Swap Cooking with ModiFIRE:

Revolutionize your grill sessions with ModiFIRE. Swap out cooking surfaces in seconds, no grate removal needed. All ModiFIRE accessories guarantee a secure fit on compatible grills.


  •  Dual-Sided Design: Flat for frying; ribbed for searing.
  •  Perfect Fit: Designed specifically for ModiFIRE®-compatible grill grates.
  •  Pre-Seasoned: Enamel-coated cast iron ensures it's ready-to-use immediately.
  •  Consistent Cooking: Cast iron ensures even heat distribution and superior searing.
  •  Easy Handling: Open handles for swift placement and removal.
  •  Efficient Grease Management: Drains directly into the EZ-Clean™ Grease & Ash Keg.
  •  Dimensions: 18.2” x 11” x 2.25”.

Discover versatile cooking with Traeger and ModiFIRE's innovation. Transform every meal, every time.

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