The Little Bushman Barbeque

Earth Fires Bushman Barbeques

The Bushman is the ultimate wood-fired cooking experience.  There are no limits to the recipes you can create with meat, fish or vegetable combinations for the everyday cook or the creative professional. The Bushman is at the heart of cooking experience, bringing people together around fire and food. Of course you don’t have to be the host to do the cooking, with the round cooking plate lending itself to the definitive social meal.

Why cook over wood? Simply put, flavour. Allow the wood aromas to flavour your food as you connect with your guests.

The Bushman is the ultimate wood-fired cooking experience. The huge 1000mm cooking plate is suitable for large parties and the all-in-one unit provides a storage area for wood and a food preparation table. The stainless steel cook plate is 10mm thick.

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