Stove Glass Cleaner

Cut through grease, grime and deposits on all solid surfaces, with our Stove Glass Cleaner. To keep your glass looking pristine, simply spray on the cleaner and lightly agitate with a suitable brush or cloth. Remnants of the dissolved liquid and grime can then be removed with a damp cloth, revealing a clean finish without scratching your surface.

The cleaner is made up of a non-flammable alkali based solvent. Removes all the deposits sometimes left by incomplete combustion of coal or wood in solid fuel stoves.

  • Effective cleaner on glass & other hard surfaces

  • Cuts through grease, grime and fuel deposits

  • Trigger pump action spray

  • Large & economical 750ml bottle

  • For use on cold surfaces

  • Fresh lemon fragrance


Product height: 285mm
Product volume: 750ml
Product weight: 835g


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