Rytons 3" Mini AirCore Air Supply Ventilator Set

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It's what's been needed for years: A small core Building Regulations Document J air supply ventilator that gets away from the big draught-inducing standard 'air-brick' resented and resisted by so many stove owners. The new Hetas Approved 3" (75mm) Rytons Mini LookRyt AirCore Ventilator is suitable for stoves of up to 10.0kW heat output. This means that you don't have to use an air supply vent any bigger than you really need to. The Mini Vent is smaller (about the size of a light switch) and the clever design allows you to paint or wallpaper it to make it even more discreet – plus there's no nasty grille bars showing to gather dust and that you have to keep clean. At the other end of the system, the external grille comes in a choice of three different UV fast colour options, Terracotta, Sandstone or White. The set comes complete with internal and external grilles, connecting pipe and screws for attaching the internal grille.

  • A Hetas Approved quality product which can also be retro-fitted
  • Provides the equivalent Doc J combustion air supply area of 3168mm² (31.68cm²)
  • Draught-reducing design evenly disperses incoming air and improves comfort
  • Easier to install – interlocking components aid correct alignment and positioning
  • External grille embossed with 'Do Not Block'
  • Internal panel can be painted or wallpapered to match decor to help to disguise it
  • Clever baffle prevents water ingress into the wall cavity
  • Internal Panel (self coloured White) size 110 x 110mm
  • External Grille size (choice of three colours) 158mm wide x 98mm high
  • Connecting Air Pipe size 77mm (3″) diameter x 358mm (14 3/32") long
  • Complies with Building Regs Document J, Building (Scotland) Regs, Mandatory Standard 3.2, Northern Ireland Technical Booklet L and ROI Doc J (2014)



Rytons 3" Mini AirCore Fitting Instructions

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