Big Green Egg

Maintenance Kit

Our handy Maintenance Bundle includes: A replacement gasket, Quadra-Link band and a wooden handle

Your EGG is a rare-breed that needs very little day-to-day maintenance. But if you do fancy giving it some love, this kit contains the bits you’ll need.

What's in it?

  • Gasket:
    The heat sealing gasket on your EGG is designed to last for years under normal operating conditions. However, if the gasket does show signs of excessive wear, you can replace it using the Big Green Egg Gasket Kit, which is easy to use and self-adhesive. The new design increases temperature efficiency and can stand temperatures up to approximately 500 degrees.

  • Quadra-link Band & Handle:
    Rejuvenate your EGG with a sturdy and solid replacement Quadra-link band and spring-assisted hinge and handle, for top-class performance and aesthetics. It’s anodised and powder coated, so it can cope with extremely high temperatures. The ‘quad’ element of the design disperses the stress of the lid into four spots.

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