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The Large Big Green Egg is a great choice for anyone who takes their outdoor cooking seriously and wants to move beyond basic barbecuing. It has all the versatility you could ask for and has been rightly awarded a BBC Gardeners' World Best Buy for outstanding performance and build quality. It's the most popular sized Egg and is ideally suited to catering for large families and family and friends gatherings without ever being limited by cooking space. It will easily swallow up 12 burgers or six chickens vertically, for example. The Large Egg has a stainless steel grill diameter of 460mm (18"), some 130mm (5") larger than the portable MiniMax.



Like all Big Green Eggs the Large model is capable of so much more than basic charcoal grilling. You'll not only be able to grill directly over the charcoal but also cook indirectly with convected heat by using the ingenious ConvEGGtor accessory, which comes as standard, to turn your egg into an oven. In all there are seven different ways to cook on your big Green Egg Large including dirty cooking (directly on top of good quality charcoal), roasting, baking, smoking, low and slow, in griddles and pans (eg paella) or plancha griddle style. To help with this Big Green Egg offer you a well developed range of well-made optional accessories, including a robust pizza baking stone, for the Large model that will make producing the widest variety of delicious, flavoursome, restaurant quality food an absolute breeze.



The big difference between the Big Green Egg and virtually any other charcoal grill that we can think of is its ability to very easily to cook the most flavourful and succulent food quickly and efficiently. It'll take about 20 minutes to get up to a good operating heat and after that the excellent insulation properties of the superior Nasa grade ceramic construction, along with the air-tight seal on the lid, retain and maintain the consistent heat that good quality predictable cooking needs. With an Egg the flavours are literally sealed in.

Once the food is placed inside the Egg and the lid is down then the oven heat can be monitored with the big 3" (75mm) integrated temperature gauge and adjusted accordingly by using a combination of the patented cast iron regulator on the top and the sliding door on the ash compartment. The more air you let in through these two hatches the higher the internal temperature will be. Incidentally, the ash compartment features a metal mesh guard to prevent hot ash from escaping when the slider control is being used. Being able to precisely control the temperature means that with the Egg there's no need for large amounts of charcoal either and since the combustion air can be fully closed off when cooking is completed the fire can be safely extinguished and any remaining charcoal reused next time.


Big Green Egg's versatility has earned it a place in the culinary armoury of some of world's best Chefs and is consequently featured in many TV cookery shows. Remember if it's British racing green then it must be a Big Green Egg they're using. Big Green Egg have created a totally controllable barbecuing experience, but not only that, over almost five decades they've been busy developing a total all-weather outdoor cooking system which means you'll never need any other appliance in your back yard or garden. Their success is proven by the number of Egghead fans they have all over the world. Check out YouTube to see exactly what we mean.

The Large Big Green Egg's excellent heat retention makes it incredibly easy to hold the lower temperatures over longer periods that are essential for the best low and slow cooking of large meat joints up to 6kg (13lb) such as briskets and pork shoulders that will make them fall off the bone. Its superior heat retention also means that you can cook a variety of different food items over a longer period – including desserts. It's pretty good at the caramelisation of fruit that makes a tasty Tarte Tatin or even your basic bread and butter pudding if you want something quick and easy. By the way Big Green Egg has an excellent recipe for a hot cross bun version.

This superior heat retention combined with the Large Egg's patented airflow control will allow you to reach your desired cooking temperatures within 12 minutes or just 20 minutes to get to 300ºC depending on the charcoal load. Getting to, and precisely maintaining, the extreme temperatures needed for searing meat or for baking pizzas with crispy bases is another feat the Large Egg will also accomplish with ease. It also has the volume within its lid to take large cooking pots and pans and even a 9kg turkey. A whole Christmas dinner is certainly not out of the question on a Large Egg.

With a cooking surface area of just under two square feet (1642 cm²) the Large Egg is economic enough to cater for just two people but also large enough to easily handle cooking for 10 people or more. Cooking on the Egg is straightforward too and needs little preparation (just let it heat up) so it will be easy to set up of for a quick midweek meal which means that you're likely to use your Egg much more often than your old inefficient barbecue – and of course, the food coming out of your Big Green Egg is going to taste a whole lot better.



Much is made of the Big Green Egg's hand crafted Nasa-grade high gloss ceramics with their iconic dimples but the simple fact is that they are far superior than that used on other ceramic ovens and will provide you with much better heat insulation and heat retention. Consequently this will significantly cut the costs of running your egg. Big Green Egg's thick walled ceramics also weigh in at around 40% more than their nearest equivalent competitor. This robust build quality delivers the strength and durability that will make your Egg last a lifetime and is one of the reasons why the company are happy to offer you a lifetime guarantee on their ceramic components. They know exactly how good they are.

You also get the precision control and temperature accuracy from the patented cast iron regulator cap and stainless steel ash compartment air control. Since the Large Egg's lid is extremely heavy there are two very reliable heavy duty spring loaded hinges for balanced easy and gentle opening and closing and there's a high temperature refractory dome gasket to ensure a longer lasting air-tight seal every time to further aid fuel efficiency and temperature control. Importantly, this also keeps in the moisture and flavours.



Assembly of the Big Green Egg will take two people around 90 minutes. Remember, it weighs around 11 stones so they're also going to have to be pretty strong to safely position it where it's finally going to live. For this reason we strongly recommend buying the appropriate Egg stand (Nest) with wheels to make this a lot easier. At The Stove Yard we're happy to build your Egg for you and to deliver it personally if you live locally. Please ask us for details –

Once you've cooked on your Large Egg it's very easy to keep it clean once it has cooled down. Rake out any ash (unless your using again it within a few days). You can save any large pieces of charcoal for re-use. Simply wipe down the internal ceramics with a cloth and then thoroughly clean food debris and fat from any grates or metal accessories with an grill brush as you would with any other barbecue. It's that simple and it will only take a few minutes.

Maintaining your Large Egg is easy too. After using it for about a month you'll have to gently re-tighten up any bolts and apply some oil to the hinges and also apply a wipe of cooking oil (not olive oil) to the cast iron regulator on the lid. When not in use leave both air vents open and keep the Egg covered and protected from the elements. If you use your Large Big Green Egg a lot then after a few years you're eventually bound to experience some minor wear and tear so it's good to know that Big Green Egg carry spares for everything you're ever likely to need and that the care and support they provide their customers is legendary.



The Big Green Egg Large is certainly big enough to cook for a large family and small and efficient enough for couples to use on a regular basis and it's very easy to operate. It offers you all of the versatility for wonderful meals that has made the Big Green Egg world famous. It's so much more than a barbecue and will forever transform the way that you cook outdoors. In fact, it's the original outdoor oven and comes from a company renowned for its high production standards, its continuous investment in innovation and its outstanding customer care. There's no doubt that the Big Green egg will make a sound investment for anyone who really loves their outdoor cooking and it's also been built to last a lifetime. In short in our view it's the ultimate barbecue and definitely worth the money since it's likely to be the only one you're ever going to need.


What's Included


  • Large Big Green Egg
  • Ceramic Firebox New and improved Fire Ring & Fire Grate
  • ConvEGGtor (turns your Egg into a convection oven)
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Grate
  • Cast iron rEGGulator (air control)
  • Integrated 75mm (3") diameter Tel-Tru Thermometer Gauge





Brand    Big Green Egg
Model   Large Big Green Egg (second largest in the Egg range of four)
Construction Nasa-grade thick ceramic lid and base
Cool-touch metal handle with wooden grip
    High temperature gasket rim seal
Cast iron regulator
Stainless steel ash compartment door / air control
Refractory ceramic internal components
Features   Tel-tru integrated thermometer for precise cooking
Spring loaded hinges for well balanced lid 
Large cool-touch sustainably sourced acacia wood handle
ConvEGGtor plate for versatile cooking with indirect heat  Ash door mesh screen spark guard to prevent fly ash and ember escape
Fuel   Charcoal
Heat Up Time (approx)  12 to 20 minutes (300ºC)
Finish   British Racing Green high gloss ceramic base and lid   Contrast black powder coated metalwork, 
Stainless steel ash door / air control
Optional Finishes   None
Net Weight (unpacked)  73kg / 11 stone 6lb approx 
Options  Various direct and indirect cooking accessories available including:
         pizza baking stone
cast iron searing grid
Choice of full all-weather covers 
Various table /  stand options (known as Nests)
Capacity (approx)  6 whole chickens (vertically)
6kg meat joints
12 burgers
8 steaks
9kg (20lb) turkey 
7 racks of ribs (vertically)
14" pizza (when optional baking stone is used) 
2 smoking planks with for example, 5 fish fillets on each
Overall Dimensions (mm) approx H800  Dia 560 /  H31.5"  Dia 22"
Grill diameter (mm) 460mm / 18"
Cooking surface area  1642 cm² / 254 sq inches (1.76 sq ft)
Temperature range     90ºC to 400ºC approx
Controls    Integral 75mm (3") diameter oven temperature gauge 
Top daisy wheel regulator
Ash door air control
Guarantee    Limited lifetime warranty on core ceramics components:
Lid, body, firebox and fire ring 
Three years on other components


Big Green Egg Warranty


Each Large Big Green Egg has been meticulously built using the very best materials and is rigorously inspected prior to dispatch. Your investment in the Large Big Green Egg is protected by Big Green Egg's free lifetime limited warranty to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that it will be supported and backed up by a company with a worldwide five decade long reputation for delivering outstanding customer service. To find out more please check out the Big Green Egg Warranty page here.

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