HWAM Classic 4 with Wood Store

Introduced more than 30 years ago, the classic design of HWAM Classic 4 is still an absolute favourite. This energy-efficient, multifunctional wood-burning  stove is much more than a wood-burning stove. HWAM  Classic 4 is available in three different constellations. The wood-burning stove comes with two hotplates for  heating and preparing food. A practical baking section may be added, which will allow you to use the heat from the combustion chamber to bake pizzas, bread or any other pastry you like. By adding a wood  sec tion, your firewood can be stored under the stove - a deco-rative and practical solution! Who could ask for more?

HWAM Classic 4 gives you an opportunity to heat, cook and enjoy. Sense the lovely smell of freshly  baked bread spreading while you take a quiet  moment and enjoy the dancing flames.

HWAM Classic 4 is manufactured at our factory in  Denmark. Our skilled employees in production  ensure that the wood-burning stove meets our own high  standard of quality, as well as the stringent ECO  design requirements for clean combustion.

Baking and roasting in the baking section
Do you also dream of baking your very own delicious, crispy casserole bread? Or what about a slow-cooked haunch of venison? The baking section in your HWAM Classic 4 wood-burning stove makes your dreams come true! You can adjust the heat in the baking  section by opening and closing the by-pass damper located just below the door.

Directly on the hob
Roasted steak, water for your afternoon tea, steamed vegetables or a nice soup. The possibilities are many.
If you choose a HWAM Classic 4 without a baking  section, you can cook your food on the stove’s two hobs.

Clean combustion and easy operation  
HWAM Classic 4, like any other HWAM model, is equipped with HWAM® Autopilot™ as standard. Once you have lit the fire, HWAM® Autopilot™ takes over and automatically regulates the air supply. As the heat  rises and falls in the combustion chamber, the heat-sensitive spring will cause the mechanical air damper to open or close depending on the current temperature in the combustion chamber. In effect, optimum  combustion without you having to do anything.


Technical data
Energy efficiency class HWAM®Autopilot™ A
HWAM® Autopilot™ Yes
Capacity (kW) 3-8kW
Nominal heat output (kW) 8
Smokeoutlet, Ø (mm) 150
Chimney draught, recommended (Pa) 12
Combustion chamber width (cm) 40
Height (cm) Unit
Width (cm) 60,0
Depth (cm) 40
Weight Classic 4 with Wood Store (kg) 120
Combustion air system
Rear Only Kit needed

Distance to inflammable materials
Distance to inflammable materials, back (cm) 10
Distance to inflammable materials, side(cm) 25
Distance to inflammable materials, front(cm) 80
Distance to inflammable materials, corner location (cm) 10-39
All dimensions in connection with corner installation are only recommendations. 
Distance to furnishing in front (cm) 80
Efficiency, HWAM®Autopilot™/HWAM® SmartControl™
Efficiency, gross/net (%) 79,3/ -
EN 13240 (Europa) Yes
LRV (Switzerland) Yes
BImSchV Stufe 2 (Germany) Yes
Ecodesign 2022 Yes





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