The Hwam 2620M Pedestal Stove is Danish contemporary stove making at its very best. The proportions and attention to the design detail on the Hwam 2620M Pedestal in our view are perfect in every way and the performance and user-friendly operation are simply outstanding. With its clean lines and sleek all-over glass-fronted fire chamber door Hwam have not only created a beautifully elegant pedestal stove but a wood stove that will also look stunning in any setting. The Hwam 2620M Pedestal has also been designed to work exceptionally well within the modern home heating mix, whether there's an MVHR system or heat pump present.

This is all thanks to the Hwam 2620M Pedestal's DIBt tested 100% room seal, its direct external air supply (DEAS) capability and Hwam's unique air tight door closing mechanism which means that the 2620M will operate completely safely without taking any air from the room – or more importantly, without leaking any dangerous combustion gases due to any potential air pressure issues. All of this also makes the 2620M a great choice for kitchen diners where there's a cooker hood or other forms of mechanical extraction such as tumble dryers. As a modern room heating appliance you'd expect the Hwam 2620M to deliver energy efficiency with the highest environmental standards – and we're pleased to say that the Hwam 2620M does exactly that. It has an A+ rated energy efficiency of 80.3%, is Defra approved to burn wood in urban areas and of course the Hwam 2620M has also been Ecodesign tested to ensure that any emissions it produces will be minimal.

With its practical 4.5kW nominal heat output the Hwam 2620M Pedestal will also make an ideal choice for smaller living spaces or homes that don't require a major amount of heat. It has an effective heat output range starting at 2.0kW going up to 6.0kW depending on the fuel load. In real terms this means that you'll be able to fire up the Hwam 2620M throughout most of the year, for example on cool summer evenings as well during the very worst of the winter. Heat output and flame height are precisely controlled with the Hwam 2620M's discreet slider control which operates in combination with the Hwam AutoPilot and is a very useful standard feature that makes getting the best out of your stove really easy. The AutoPilot is Hwam's tried and tested mechanical device which automatically boosts primary air when lighting the fire, during reloading and at the end of the burn cycle for more efficient and cleaner burning combustion.

Hwam also give you the option to upgrade the 2620M Pedestal with their patented SmartControl (only available at the build stage) where the room temperature can be remotely set and gentle reminders to refuel the stove are sounded. You'll also never need to worry about how to achieve the optimum and most eco-friendly performance  — the SmartControl electronics simply takes care of everything.

From the thick steel bodywork to the highly engineered compressed vermiculite lined fire chamber, superior build quality and premium materials are in evidence everywhere on the Hwam 2620M. A powerful 3-Way air wash system, that not only works from the top of the glass but also from the sides, helps to keep the large area of gently curved glass especially clean. There's a smaller lower pressed steel door, which you simply push to open, and which neatly conceals the Hwam 2620M's ash pan chamber with its separate ash pan for easier removal of the wood ash. The Hwam 2620's steel pedestal weighs in at around 18kg just on its own and this makes a secure, yet elegant, base for the compact fire box to bring the overall stove height to 1 metre to ensure that this stylish stove will look stunning in virtually any location.

Hwam also offer you an alternative 2620 'C' pedestal version which features a classic cast iron door. In all there are six models in the Hwam 2620-Series including wall-mounted and low plinth options with a choice of classic cast iron (C) or modern glass-fronted (M) doors.




Brand: HWAM


Nominal Heat Output:    nominal 4.5kW
Heat Output Range:   2.0kW to 6.0kW depending on fuel load
Efficiency (Net):   Up to 80.3%
ErP Energy Rating A+
Defra Smoke Exempt:   Yes
DiBt Tested Yes
Fuel:   Seasoned wood logs (less than 20% moisture content)
Airwash:   3-Way (top and both sides)
Air Controls:   

Single slider plus Hwam Autopilot

Construction: Cast iron door and steel bodywork
Flue Outlet:    Top or Rear (top closure plate required for rear fitting)
Flue Diameter 150mm  / 6"
Grate Type Flat bed
Guarantee:    5 Years
Maximum Log Length 250mm / 10" approx
Standard Colour

Matt black

Optional Finishes:   Grey

Direct external air supply system 

Top flue outlet blanking plate (when using rear flue)

Hwam SmartControl

Net Weight:  


Air vent required:    Not usually in pre-2008 homes (Subject to Building Regs)
Suitable for 12mm Hearth:   Yes. NB hearth still required
Direct Air Inlet (DEAS):  100mm dia. Base or rear (additional kit required)
Overall Dimensions:  H1000  W434  D378
Minimum Combustible Distances (mm):   Sides 360  Rear 190




Stove Body or Wall Hung




Hwam Brochure UK

User's manual (DK, SE, NO, EN)

Assembly instructions for combustion air system

Installation on a pedestal (HWAM 2610 & 2620)

Mounting the plinth (HWAM 2610 & 2620)

Mounting the stove on a wall (HWAM 2610 & 2620)

Mounting adjustable feet

Lighting Guide (EN)

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