Hobbit SE Stove

The Hobbit Stove SE Multi Fuel by Salamander

The Salamander Hobbit SE stove, is the Defra Smoke Exempt version of the ever-popular multi fuel Hobbit, and has been designed to fit into spaces where other stoves simply just would not be safe or practical. Importantly, it will still deliver an efficient 4.1kW of heat output with wood logs or approved smokeless mineral fuel ovals, enough for your average urban living room – or your very own amazing space. Certainly since 2009 the tiny Hobbit has been capturing the imagination of those off-griddrs who want to make their garden shed, cabin, shepherds hut, woodland retreat or a hundred other remote spaces their special all-year round warm and cosy hideaway.

So, if this is what you're planning then the Hobbit has an excellent track record for this sort of thing but just make sure you don't ignore the distances to combustible materials, they're there for your safety. Fortunately, unlike many of the small cheap cast iron stoves you'll see on the internet, the Hobbit SE's safe minimum distances have been derived from its rigorous UKCA EN13240 testing in the UK so you'll be able to totally rely on them. Salamander also produce competitively priced specially designed side and rear heat shield panels which reduce the safe distances to combustible materials to an impressive 150mm at the side and just 100mm at the rear. Great news when space is likely to be at a premium in a temporary structure that is probably largely constructed from combustible materials. Salamander have also produced a handy rear flue wedge for rear fitted flues which saves on the space required for swept bend or T-pieces which would normally be needed to be used at the rear. Please notify us if you're also specifying a rear heat shield as this is a bespoke item from Salamander.

The Hobbit SE has recently had its combustion system uprated to include pre-heated tertiary air to ensure much cleaner burning that passes the critical 2022 Ecodesign emissions and minimum efficiency limits. This now means the Hobbit SE has a net efficiency of 79.4% (A) when burning wood and 81.4% (A+) when burning manufactured smokeless coal products. Everything else about the Hobbit's traditional cast iron construction with its separate ash pan compartment remains the same with just one exception: unusually there is now an additional separate control for the Tertiary air. This is located below the firebox, beside the Secondary air / airwash control and these two controls, along with the Primary air flow wheel on the door will provide you with almost-infinite control of the heat output and fuel economy. There's also a 'dust-free' external riddler for smokeless coal burning.

Since the Hobbit SE was originally designed primarily for installations in single story temporary buildings it features a 100mm (4') flue outlet which helps to create the optimal updraught for safe operation with a shorter flue stack. If you are installing the Hobbit SE within a domestic dwelling then the installation must conform to Building Regulations Document J and this will mean adapting the 100mm outlet for use with a 125mm (5") diameter connecting flue pipe and 125mm flexible liner or twin wall system. In Domestic installations the advantage of using the Defra approved Hobbit SE model rather than the basic Hobbit, even if you don't live in a Smoke Control Area, is that you won't have to use the larger 150mm (6") diameter to comply with regulations which you must otherwise do for all non-Defra stoves.

Over the years Salamander have introduced many practical and competitively priced options to increase the safety and enhance the pleasure your Hobbit will give you. These include...

  • For added presence a matching store stand (increases overall height by 156mm to 616mm)
  • Brass or polished steel gallery safety rail for the top of the stove to give that authentic ships galley look
  • Start cooking with the stainless steel hot plate – sadly this is not compatible with the gallery rail
  • Coal bars for improved multi fuel operation
  • Factory-fitted stainless steel 1kW boiler with 2 x 1" BSP ports (for safety this must be used with an appropriate tank)
  • Direct external air supply (DEAS) intake for safer operation and to reduce draughts (specify when ordering)
  • Various combinations of paint and contrast paint options including totally painted,  fire chamber door only, Ash pan compartment door only and bodywork only (no doors). Please ask for more details
  • Space-saving rear flue wedge. Please advise us if also specifying for use with rear heat shield
  • Side heat shields (specify right or left) and rear (specify if using rear flue wedge). Can be ordered as set, a pair or as singles

The Hobbit is the original tiny stove and combined with all of these enhancements it's no wonder that it has such a big following of ardent fans which also includes The Stove Yard.

NB A lower priced non-Defra Hobbit model is also available – click here 

Key Facts


Output – Nominal                          4.1kW 
Output Range                       Not available
Efficiency                                Up to 79.4% / A (wood) and 81.4% / A+ (smokeless coal)
Defra Approved                     Yes
Fuel                                       Wood and approved smokeless coal ovals
Fuel bed   Multi fuel grate with external riddling, ash pan and as pan compartment 
Airwash                                   Yes
Air Controls                               Three separate controls for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary 
Construction                              Premium grade all cast iron body and doors
Flue Outlet                               Top and rear
Flue Diameter                     100mm / 4"
Finish  Traditional Black paintwork (see paint options above)
Recommended Log Length                200mm / 8" approx      
Net Weight                                    50kg approx
Air Vent Required                 No air vent required for pre-2008 houses
Suitable for 12mm hearth         Yes – subject to Building Regs 
Direct Air Inlet (DEAS)   Yes, 80mm (3.2") diameter
Overall Dimensions mm     H460  W302  D355
Distance to Combustibles (mm)  Side 400  Rear 450
With Hobbit heat shields Side 150  Rear 100
Options  See above for full list
Guarantee                                 5 Years when registered with Salamander





Hobbit Dimensions

Energy Label

UKCA Performance Declaration

Hobbit Eco Distances

Standard Hobbit Instruction Manual

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