Gozney Roccbox Pizza Oven


We love the popular Gozney Roccbox restauarant-grade portable pizza oven with its stunning UK engineered design, superior build quality, class-leading insulation and outstanding performance. Even when it's not in use the Roccbox is a thing of real beauty. When Bournemouth-based Gozney set out to replicate their professional stone-baked pizza and traditional wood-fired ovens for the domestic outdoor market who would have possibly guessed that they would eventually produce such a desirable and powerful dual fuel (gas or wood) compact pizza oven. Furthermore, that it would make it so unbelievably easy for just about anyone to create exceptional restaurant quality pizzas, and a lot more besides, in around 60 to 90 seconds.


The Roccbox's clever oven and burner design ensures that you get quick, consistent, evenly balanced temperature between the baking stone and the top of the oven and this not only makes it easier to cook the perfect pizza with a crisp base and desirable top char but you can also roast, smoke, steam or bake a whole host of other great food. Anything simple and fast is going to work a treat in the Roccbox from wood-roasted vegetables, baked rustic breads and flatbreads, grilled meats and steamed fish – in fact anything that your conventional kitchen oven can do but with faster more flavoursome results.


Launched in 2016, there are three outstanding features of the Gozney Roccbox which immediately sets it apart from all other portable outdoor pizza ovens – the densely insulated, expertly engineered dome, the in-built oven temperature gauge and the ability to switch very easily from gas to wood fuel.

The Silicon Coated Dome

The Roccbox's 'rubberised' soft silicon coated dome, with its heavy steel layers and calcium silicate insulating jacket as well as its high ceiling and patented baffle-plate technology without the need for a traditional chimney, has a number of important benefits; it creates the ideal yellow rolling flame and also prevents the oven loosing heat like cheaper steel barbecues. Apparently some 86% of the heat is retained allowing for efficient open door cooking. The high level of insulation also means that the oven will heat up much more quickly as very little of the heat is lost. Gozney say that it should take around 25 minutes depending on fuel choice to get to 500ºC, the ideal temperature for the best Neapolitan pizzas.

One benefit of all of this heat is that the baking stone almost instantly gets back up to temperature between pizzas. Again, because of the superior insulation the dome stays relatively cool on the outside, even at full operating temperature, making the Roccbox much safer to use. Overall the Roccbox oven retains its heat exceptionally well so that you get the consistent accurate temperatures that allow you to easily make pizza after pizza. Around 10 to 15 in 30 minutes is no real problem. The Dome comes in a choice of two colours – green or grey, both ultraviolet resistant so the colour will not fade. The dome can then be easily kept looking like new with a simple bit of soap and water.


In-Built Oven Temperature Gauge

You only get a temperature gauge on premium ovens and in our experience they are generally not particularly accurate or useful. However, with the Roccbox you can now take away all of the guesswork with its side-mounted colour coded easy-read temperature gauge. The gauge's thermocouple is buried within the oven's stone plate so that you get a very accurate indication of what the stone's surface temperature is as well the internal temperature of the oven, adding to improving the quality of your pizza baking and the pleasure the Roccbox will bring you. A number of independent Roccbox reviewers have attested to the accuracy of the gauge by carrying out comparisons with their own meters and as you'd expect from a reputable professional oven maker such as Gozney, the Roccbox gauge is very reliable.

Switch easily from wood to gas

There's nothing quite like the depth of flavour that an authentic wood fired pizza with lots of tender toppings  gives you and there's also nothing quite like the speed and ease of turning out restaurant quality pizzas from your own gas-fired pizza oven when you come home from work. With the Gozney Roccbox you can now have the benefits of both wood or gas-fired.

The Roccbox comes set up for LPG gas with an attachable gas burner and gas regulator is included in the package. This features a simple to use twist-on, twist-off bayonet fitting so that you can be ready to create your own pizzas virtually straight out of the box. Simply ignite, adjust the gas level and watch the temperature rise. Gozney have also cleverly engineered the gas burner to replicate and control the very high temperatures of a true wood flame so that your pizza and anything else you want to bake with a little turning will be cooked to perfection. The beauty of the gas option is that there is less monitoring so that you can more or less leave the oven to look after itself since the gas flame, and therefore the temperature, remains consistent. To maintain a good gas pressure and aid performance we recommend the handy-sized 5kg Calor gas bottles which should give you approximately 20 hours operating time (that's bout 600 pizzas!). These will have to be purchased separately from a local supplier.

If you're really set on that wonderful wood-fired taste, and who can blame you, than you'll also need to buy the optional detachable stainless steel Roccbox wood burner module. This also features the same bayonet fitting system so that it's really quick and easy to swop between your choice of fuels. It also has an in-built secondary burn system and improved ventilation to create a much cleaner, larger rolling flame for more even heat and flavour distribution. This can be fired with with wood kindling or wood-based briquettes. Gozney say that you can also use coal, but we can't imagine that this would benefit the flavour of your pizzas much. The Roccbox wood burner comes with an ash pan for easier cleaning and a handy ash pan tool.



There's nothing on the Roccbox that's ill-considered or poorly put together. Everything about it shouts 'premium quality'. From the commercial grade soft edges of the generous all-stainless steel bodywork and trim as well as the clever bi-folding Nasa-style tapered legs to the 19mm thick, fixed one-piece moisture-absorbent cordierite baking stone incorporating an embedded temperature probe for greater accuracy and unrivalled heat retention, are just about as good as it gets. Compact and portable, everything from its stunning good looks to its impressive functionality will make the Roccbox a joy to use for many years to come and certainly well past its five-year extended warranty.


Everything that you need to start making pizzas is in the box – the only thing that's missing is your own LPG gas bottle which you must purchase separately. All the tools you need are supplied. There's almost zero assembly time involved. Simply fold down the Roccbox's three retractable legs and attach the Gas burner underneath with one simple twist and you're all set to cook on gas. The oven's one-piece baking stone is securely attached to the inside of the stainless steel oven base so there's no chance of it falling out and getting damaged. Gozney have included a strong padded carrying strap with velcro fastenings which takes the Roccbox's 20kg weight with ease. OK the Roccbox isn't the kind of cooking appliance that you're going to be able to take in your rucksack on a walking trip, but most able bodied people should be able to manage it from the boot of their car for a short walk to a beach or picnic site. 

Cleaning the Roccbox is super quick and easy since the excessive temperatures it creates burn off most of  residue left inside the oven and the rest can usually be easily removed with a grill scraper. Groozney recommend soap and water for any other cleaning.

Optional Protective Cover

The Roccbox is not the kind of kit that you should eave out in bad, wet weather. It has to be kept dry. Although Gozney has created an optional all-over waterproof polyester cover, it's still best to store your Roccbox in the garage or garden shed so that it can be kept dust and cobweb-free, clean and ready for action next time. Front and rear drawstrings provide a snug fit and a heavy duty strap and carrying handle ensure easy transport.




  • The Roccbox Pizza Oven with folding legs with grey or green dome (please speciy)
  • Detachable stainless steel Roccbox LPG Gas Burner 'cartridge' with ignition and flame control
  • LPG Gas Regulator and gas hose (all you need is the separate 5kg bottle)
  • 12" professional grade pizza placement paddle made specially for Gozney. Perforated non-stick hard anodised aluminium surface allows moisture to escape for a crispier base and also lets unwanted excess flour fall back on to the baking stone. Tapered edges allows easy pick up and transfer
  • Stainless steel Pizza Turning Peel for sliding and turning etc
  • Heavy duty carry strap with velcro fastenings
  • Comprehensive user manual with intuitive instructions and tried and tested recipes
  • Bottle opener

What’s NOT Included in your Roccbox package...

  • Detachable stainless steel Roccbox Wood Burner 'cartridge' with ash pan and hopper tool. This is an optional and highly recommended accessory
  • LPG bottle which must be purchased separately from a local supplier


If this is the year that you decide to invest in an outdoor pizza oven then you need to make sure that it's the best that you can possibly afford and that it's also going to go the distance and cook beautifully flavoursome pizzas for you very easily, very safely and for many years to come too. There are a lot of cheap pizza ovens out there and the one thing that we've learned is that you definitely need to pay a little it more to get an oven that produces the consistent high temperatures essential for good pizzas. There's nothing shoddy about the Gozney Roccbox.

We think that the wonderful award-winning Gozney Roccbox dual fuel portable pizza oven ticks all of those particular boxes. If you're a big fan of takeaway pizzas then the Roccbox pizza oven should quickly pay for itself when you'll be able to make your own pizzas to the same standard or better on your patio or in your garden. It really does make great pizzas but just don't take our word for it, also check out Which? and the hundreds of Trustpilot reviews.


Key Facts


Brand Gozney
Construction    Commercial 304 grade stainless steel trim, bodywork and legs
Dense calcium silicate dome insulation for excellent heat  retention and speed
Safe-touch soft silicone oven outer casing
3 bi-folding stainless steel legs for extra stability and easy transport and storage
1-piece19mm ultra thick cordierite baking stone
Detachable Stainless Steel Wood Burner module 
Padded carrying strap with tough velcro fastenings
Fuel   4kW (approx) Gas Burner (as standard). Optional wood burner
Finish   Grey or Lime Green dome with contrast stainless steel 
Optional Finishes   Grey or Lime Green (please specify)
Net Weight   20kg (3 stone 2lb) approx
Options   Detachable Stainless Steel Wood Burner module
Full all-weather polyester cover with carrying strap 
Capacity (approx)  12" diameter pizza (60 secs for gas, 3 mins for wood) 
Cooking area (mm)  approx 315 x 340  /  12.4" x 13.4"
Oven aperture:  H83  W310  /  H3.3"  W12.2"
Maximum temperature  500ºC  /  932ºF
Controls    In-built easy read oven temperature gauge
Ignition and temperature control on Gas Burner 
Approx Overall Dimensions (mm)    H413  W473  D531 (16.5" / 18.9" / 21.2") 
300mm high with legs folded for transport
Guarantee    Standard 1 year / register for 5 year extended warranty




Gozney Roccbox User Manual Gas Burner

Gozney Roccbox User Manual Wood Burner






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