DOVRE Vintage 35 Wood Burning Stove


The all-cast iron Dovre Vintage 35 may be styled like a wonderful piece of 50s or 60s retro but that's where the comparison ends. Beyond its stunning designer looks Dovre have created one of the most efficient clean burning stoves available today. The Vintage 35 delivers emissions levels that are significantly below the tough 2022 Ecodesign limits and yet, with its A+ rated 83% efficiency, it will also be very economical to use, as well as always a pleasure to look at. No wonder it has been featured on Grand Designs.

The Vintage 35 has a dynamic precision controlled heat output range starting at a lowly 2.3kW and going right up to a winter-busting 9.0kW should you need it. The nominal 7.0kW heat output will be more than enough for the larger than average living space and the 125kg all-cast iron construction ensures that the Vintage 35 will be a real heavyweight when it comes to creating a highly effective heat sink to exude heat for hours long after its fire has gone out. Cast iron of this quality is expensive to produce but its slow release heat is a really rewarding benefit that you just don't get with steel-bodied stoves (which is most of them these days) and is one of the reasons why the 80-year old Dovre company have persevered with this tried and tested traditional method.  

The Vintage 35's stylish, gently curved firebox with its round corners and overemphasised tapered side walls sits gracefully on splayed attenuated legs which have distinctive contrast stainless steel tips. The stove door, with its large airwashed window, sits flush inside the bodywork and features an exaggerated, but very practical, stainless steel door release knob on the side wall. All of these delightful features have been thoughtfully brought together to create the Vintage 35's unique retro space-age aesthetics. Two separate discrete combustion air controls (primary boost and secondary air) are located on either side of the generous firebox which can easily handle logs of up to 350mm long. Direct external air supply capability is standard should you need it and there's an optional Defra Smoke Exempt kit that can be fitted if the Vintage 35 is being installed in a home within in a Smoke Control Area (most UK urban areas). 

With the Vintage 35 you have a choice of standard Anthracite paint finish or for an exceptional sleek modern look you can choose Pure White gloss enamel. Not only do Dovre make all of their precision castings in their own state-of-the-art iron foundry but their enamelling for the Pure White option is also handled in-house in their own enamelling plant to ensure the highest quality construction and finish. The Vintage 35 is a stove that's been designed to make its presence felt both in terms of abundant heat and good looks and is sure to work equally well within any type of fireplace or for the best visual effect in a free-standing installation.

NB Grey gloss enamel finish has now been discontinued by Dovre


Key Facts

DOVRE VINTAGE 35 Wood Burning Stove Key Facts

Output – Nominal 7.0kW 
Output Range 2.5kW to 9.0kW (depending on fuel load)
Efficiency Up to 83.0% / A+
Defra Approved Yes – when Defra Smoke Exempt kit option fitted 
Fuel Wood only 
Fuel bed Flat cast iron grate with ash removal port and ash pan
Airwash Yes
Air Controls 2 separate control for primary booster and secondary air
Construction Premium grade, precision moulded all-cast iron
Flue Outlet Top and rear
Flue Diameter 150mm / 6"
Guarantee 5 Years from authorised Dovre dealer
Maximum Log Length 350mm / 14" approx  
Finish Anthracite paint / Enamel Finish
Net Weight 125kg approx
Air Vent Required Yes (if not using the direct air connection)
Suitable for 12mm hearth Yes
Direct Air Inlet (DEAS) Yes, 100mm dia
Overall Dimensions mm H685  W505 (+50 for knob)  D445
Distance to combustible (mm) Side 500  Rear 150
Options Pure White Gloss Enamel finish
Defra Smoke Exempt Kit


Downloads Vintage Series Insstructions



Dovre Vintage 35 Wood Burning Stove Dimensions

Dovre Vintage 35 Wood Burning Stove Dimensions

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