DOVRE Bold 300 Wood Burning Stove


The DOVRE Bold 300 Wood Burning Stove is a stunningly beautiful contemporary all-cast iron 7.0kW wood stove, perfect in every way in our opinion, and one of Dovre's most thought-provoking designs – one which will create a truly wonderful 'wow!' factor, especially in the optional pure white gloss enamel finish. Who knew a humble wood stove could look this great? Standing at just over a metre tall the Bold 300 is a stove that will make a striking characterful statement in any medium to large contemporary styled living space.

The DOVRE Bold 300 Wood Burning Stove offers you simple single control advanced clean burning with excellent A+ rated 80% efficiency and a wide 2.3kW to 9.0 kW heat range that will deliver superb fuel management and extended use throughout the year. A highly effective airwash system keeps the big curved window clean and an elegant curved gently rear-tilting fire box allows you to look right into the fire chamber base from above to fully appreciate the full-height flame patterns, something you can't do on any other stove that we know of. The generous fire chamber will also easily take good-sized 350mm (14") long logs.

The DOVRE Bold 300 Wood Burning Stove's ovaloid footprint means that, not only will it look wonderful free-standng against a wall, but that it will work and look equally well within a corner space. Around 130kg of precision-moulded premium quality cast iron has gone into the construction of the Bold 300 and this valuable heat sink will ensure that its slowly released warmth will help maintain a comfortable ambient temperature of your home and also hep reduce your reliance on central heating. Direct external air supply capability is standard as is Dovre's five-year warranty.

You should also check out the alternative Dovre Bold 400 which essentially the same stove, but which is ever-so-slightly taller by 120mm and instead of the four point stand, it has a closed-in base designed to further accentuate the dramatic top to floor curves of the Bold's minimalist 'space-age' bodywork.


Key Facts

DOVRE Bold 300 Wood Burning Stove Key Facts

DOVRE Bold 300 Wood Burning Stove KEY FACTS
Output – Nominal 7.0kW
Output Range 2.3kW to 9.0kW (depending on fuel load)
Efficiency Up to 80.0% / A+
Defra Approved No
Fuel Wood only 
Fuel bed Flat cast iron grate with ash removal port and ash pan
Airwash Yes
Air Controls Single slide control for primary booster and secondary air management
Construction Premium grade all cast iron body and door
Flue Outlet Top and rear
Flue Diameter 150mm / 6"
Guarantee 5 Years from authorised Dovre dealer
Maximum Log Length 350mm / 14" approx 
Finish Anthracite paint / Enamel Finish
Net Weight 130kg approx
Air Vent Required Yes (if not using the direct air connection)
Suitable for 12mm hearth Yes – subject to Building Regs (TBC)
Direct Air Inlet (DEAS) Yes, 100mm dia
Overall Dimensions mm H1010  W490  D420 (inc ex-air inlet)
Distance to combustible (mm) Side 300  Rear 300
Options Pure White Gloss Enamel finish


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Dovre Bold 300 Wood Burning Stove Dimensions

Dovre Bold 300 Wood Burning Stove Dimensions

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