DOVRE Astroline 4 Wood Burning Stove


The Dovre Astroline 4 is a wonderful looking, highly practical all-cast iron contemporary designed wood burning pedestal stove that delivers a nominal 8kW heat output from a heat range starting at a lowly 2.5kW and going right up to a generous 10kW. For this reason the Astroline is better suited to large living spaces and free-standing installations where its radiated heat can be readily dispersed and fully appreciated. With a weight of 140kg (just over 22 stone), comprising mostly of precision moulded premium quality cast iron, the Astroline 4 will also make a marvellous heat sink which will continue to warm the living space long after its flames disappear. 

The heavy duty 3D cast iron base and robust pedestal are designed for stability and are topped by a very stylish fire box, all gentle curves and glass on three sides. All three of the Astroline's windows are virtually the full height of the fire chamber so that you get the best uninterrupted view of the stunning flame patterns from more or less anywhere in the room. These and the fuel economy are controlled via two separate push-pull controls discreetly located below the fire chamber on either side of the central door handle-pull to enhance the stove's clean lines. The easily accessed large fire chamber can handle logs up to 330mm (13") long and for improved wood burning it also features a ribbed solid cast iron base with handy ash removal port and separate ash pan. 

As you'd expect from one of Europe's leading stove makers the Dovre Astroline 4 features a superior airwash system for clean windows as well as the latest cleaner burning combustion system which incorporates pre-heated tertiary air towards the top of the fire chamber to burn off even more particulates and deliver extremely low emissions well below the new Ecodesign limits. The Astroline 4 features as standard direct external air supply capability which can be connected either under the base or at the rear of the stove. The optional purpose-designed steel rear heat shield provides greater installation flexibility allowing you to significantly reduce the safe distances to combustible materials when combined with twin wall connecting flue pipe.

By the way, if you're wondering what the difference is between the Astroline 4 and Astroline 3 is, it's simply the angle of the side panels and therefore the footprint. Everything else is exactly the same including the price. The 3's  side panels are set at a distinctive acute angle to the fascia to create a blunt 'V' shape and which therefore lends it ideally to corner locations. NB The Astroline 4 with log store and multi fuel version have been discontinued by Dovre. You can check out the Dovre Astroline 3 here. 

Key Facts

DOVRE Astroline 4 Wood Burning Stove Key Facts

DOVRE Astroline 4 Wood Burning Stove KEY FACTS
Output – Nominal 8.0kW
Output Range 2.5kW to 10.0kW (depending on fuel load)
Efficiency Up to 76.4% / A
Features Angled side windows
Defra Approved No
Fuel Wood only 
Fuel bed Flat cast iron grate with ash removal port and ash pan
Airwash Yes
Air Controls 2 separate control for primary booster and secondary air
Construction Premium grade, precision moulded all-cast iron
Flue Outlet Top and rear
Flue Diameter 150mm / 6"
Guarantee 5 Years from authorised Dovre dealer
Maximum Log Length 330mm / 13" approx      
Finish Traditional matt black paint
Net Weight 140kg approx
Air Vent Required Yes (if not using the direct air connection)
Suitable for 12mm hearth Yes
Direct Air Inlet (DEAS) Yes, 100mm dia
Overall Dimensions mm H1140  W515  D420
Distance to combustible (mm) Side 500  Rear 300 / Heat shield: Side 300  Rear 25
Options Rear Heat Shield


Downloads 3 & 4 Instructions



Dovre Astroline 4 Wood Burning Stove Dimensions

Dovre Astroline 4 Dimensions

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