Big Green Egg

Half-Moon Cast Iron Grid

Take multi-level searing to new heights (literally) with the half-moon cast-iron searing grid

This two-sided cast-iron grid is incredible at retaining heat. That means you’ll get a professional quality sear and an even cook without even trying. By perfectly rendering down fat, and enhancing the Maillard reaction (that’s food scientist for a kind of caramelisation), you’ll produce a beautiful browning and deep flavour to your meat, time after time. This grid fits the Large EGG with or without the new EGGspander System. Put two Half Grids together for a full Cast Iron Surface and maximum flavour.


The benefits of cast iron are gamechanging

Better heat retention means incredible crusts, chars and barks, whether you're cooking meat, fish or veg. And because cast iron is seasoned, flavourful oils and fats work their way into the surface, enhancing your cooks with deep complexity. Look after your cast iron, and it'll last you a lifetime.

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