Bignut 5 Tall

Bignut 5

Larger capacity ‘Bignut-5’ – A physically larger version of the Peanut, still rated at 5kW nominal (official output), but with the extra capacity, more physical size and takes longer logs. The Bignut-5 has a variable output range from 2kW up to a maximum of 8kW with easy to operate fingertip controls. A huge viewing window for superb views of the fire. Full cast-iron inner secondary lining plates (fire bricks), for maximum heat retention and are extremely robust.

Normally for houses built prior to 2008, an additional air vent in the room is NOT required.

5kW nominal (official) output – 2 to 8kW controllable output

(For physical dimensions see the dimensions image)

Viewing Window size = 357mm wide by 287mm high (huge)

Firebox width = 345mm (takes big logs)

Available in regular (short) and tall height options 

The Bignut-5 shares the same body and overall dimensions as the Peanut 8, but with slightly smaller (still big though) firebox inside. The inside of the stove is fully lined with heavy cast iron panels, (great for heat retention and very robust), and with a secondary side plate lining of vermiculite (good for bouncing fire-box heat into the room through the large window).


Click here to download Bignut Stove manual

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