ApplePie Stove Direct Air Box

Ekol ApplePie Stove
Direct External Air Box 

Providing your ApplePie stove with its own dedicated supply of combustion air from outside delivers three significant advantages. Firstly, it ensures that the warm air in the room the stove has just created for you is not wasted by needlessly supplying the stove with it. Secondly, this also helps eliminate cold draughts caused by new cold air arriving from outside the room to replace the warm air the stove would otherwise be using. The direct air kit will effectively make your ApplePie stove completely room sealed which thirdly, and most importantly, will virtually eliminate the chances of potentially leaking dangerous carbon monoxide (CO) into the space for example, when the stove cools down. This is a critical consideration particularly when the space where the stove is installed in is confined, for example such as that in a shepherd's hut, and where there is usually limited air anyway. The ApplePie's direct air kit is very easy to attach to the stove and is designed to fit unobtrusively at the rear as well as take up minimum space. Highly recommended.

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