Baked Apple Stack 4.0kW Stove with Top Oven and Store Stand

They call it the 'Swiss Army Knife' of stoves and no wonder. It does everything you could ask of a stove (and it does it all extremely well) which makes it great for off-grid installations

The Baked Apple Stack is the all-singing all-dancing, top of the range, wood burner with matching top oven and store stand modules, from Ekol's stunning all-new ApplePie collection of four contemporary designed stoves. Even then with all that it has to offer the Baked Apple Stack is not going to cost you a fortune.

At 82% efficiency the 4.0kW Baked Apple Stack will not only make a supremely effective heating source but with its top oven taking a 130mm high by 200mm diameter cooking dish or 200mm square baking tray it will also make an essential cooking solution, especially for off-grid installations such as canal boats, shepherds huts and glamping pods. Once you have a bed of glowing embers there's also a reversible cast iron pizza / griddle plate that can be placed inside the stove's firechamber for baking pizzas or searing steaks. Optional stainless steel side pan / utensil shelves and warming plate with 30mm high safety guard rail will increase the stove's culinary potential as well as its safe operation – especially in the confined spaces associated with off-grid buildings.

In fact, this is where the Baked Apple Stack excels. Its low distances to combustible materials (which can be reduced further with the optional steel high heat shield enclosure) combined with its 80mm (4") flue outlet makes it the perfect choice for small single storey non-domestic spaces. The smaller flue outlet can maintain a safe updraught even with a lower flue height – so there's no need for a tall expensive flue system (NB: Always undertake the appropriate spillage tests when commissioning your stove and permanently fit a carbon monoxide detector).

Apart from Metallic Black Ekol also give you a choice of nine optional designer colours for the bodywork and doors. The cast iron doors can also be burnished for a stunning engineered look. With Defra Approval, 2022 Ecodesign ready ultra-low emissions, all -cast iron construction, optional direct air and a ten year manufacturer's guarantee, we can't think of a better performing or better looking compact stove.   

Baked Apple Stack options

• Stainless steel warming plate (W230 x D240 mm)
• 30mm high stainless steel safety guard rail for warming plate (a must for confined spaces)
• Stainless steel shelf – handle / left side
• Stainless steel shelf – hinge / right side
• Space-saving rear vertical flue adaptor
• Direct external air supply (DEAS) box – takes 80mm ducting
• Short plate steel enclosure (716mm high) – reduces combustible distances
• Tall plate steel enclosure (931mm high) – reduces combustible distances

For Top Oven and Pedestal Base / Store Stand options please check out the Apple Stack, Baked Apple and Baked Apple Stack models listed separately. 

Key Facts

Brand Ekol ApplePie
Heat Output 4.0kW nominal
Heat Range 1.0kW up to 4.1kW depending on load
Efficiency (Net) 82.0%
Defra Smoke Exempt Yes
2022 Ecodesign Yes, SIA Ecodesign Ready
Construction All Cast Iron Bodywork and Door
Flue Outlet Top or Rear 100mm (4")
Fuel Bed
Open Grate and Ash Pan (Wood / SMF)
Finish Metallic Black
Optional Finishes 9 Bodywork / Door Colours inc' Burnished Door(s)
Ideal Log Length 200mm (8")
Weight 60kg (plus top oven and store stand)
Air Vent Required Not usually for pre 2008 homes
Direct Air Yes, optional air box to take 80mm dia ducting
Minimum Distances  Rear 250mm Sides 350mm (for single skin flue pipe)
12 mm Hearth Yes (Subject to Building Regulations)
Single Slider for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Air
Guarantee 10 Years Bodywork (Subject to T&Cs)
Other Models Apple Core, Apple Stack and Baked Apple

Check out the ApplePie collection video 

Baked Apple Stack Stove Downloads

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