Ekol Apple Stack

Even with its handy store stand the compact Apple Stack can easily be accommodated within a small fireplace opening, garden office, canal boat, yurt...  

The Apple Stack is Ekol's compact Apple Core but with the 200mm high matching pedestal base / store module added and just like the Apple Core you can also add a top mounted stainless steel cook / warming plate with safety rail as well as sturdy stainless steel left or right hand side side shelves. The Apple Stack also comes with a reversible cast iron pizza shelf and griddle plate as standard. All you have to do is wait until there's a good bed of glowing embers before you add your food. Together with the above options this makes the Apple Stack a very practical solution when you need to rustle up a quick hot snack, sear a steak or slow cook a stew or casserole from scratch. A must then for garden offices, workshops, shepherd huts, yurts and canal boats. The Apple Stack's already low distances to combustible materials can be further reduced by opting for one of the two purpose-designed plate steel heat shielding enclosures – highly recommended for small confined spaces when a traditional fireplace opening is not being used. 

The Apple Stack is Defra Approved to allow you to legally burn wood in a UK Smoke Control Area as well as future-proofed with the tough 2022 Ecodesign emissions tests. Both of which are a testament to this little stove's ultra clean burning credentials. At 82% it is also a highly efficient stove and has a very controllable heat output range of 1.0kW up to 4.1kW (depending on the fuel load). The fire is controlled with one single slider control, which manages the perfect mix of primary, secondary and tertiary air to make the Apple Stack very easy to fire up and operate, even for beginners. You also get the option to supply the Apple's combustion air directly to the stove from the outside with a competitively priced Direct Air Kit which effectively makes the stove room sealed and means that you're not using any of the air in the living space, thus eliminating cold draughts and the possibility of dangerous CO escape in a confined space. You can also install the Apple Stack on a non-combustible 12mm decorative hearth cutting out the requirement for a brick or concrete constructional hearth.

The Apple Stack features premium quality all-cast iron construction (the stove alone weighs heavier than most at approximately 60kg) ensuring that it is built to outlast its generous ten year bodywork warranty. There is a removable heavy duty grate and ash pan for burning wood (its firechamber will take a decent sized 200mm log) or when necessary a smokeless coal load. Attention to design detail is carried throughout every aspect of the ApplePie collection including the many practical options (which are still being added to). For example the Stack's pedestal base / store uniquely has a two position removable shelf. Each stove is supplied with a choice of wooden grip or stainless steel handle and, as well as the standard Metallic Black bodywork, there's a choice of nine other colours including, not surprisingly, Apple Green. You can even specify a contrasting door colour with the standard Metallic Black bodywork or simply opt for the classy burnished door option. 

Finally, a word about the Apple Stack's 100mm (4") diameter top or rear flue outlet: To comply with current building regulations when installing the Apple Stack in domestic locations (eg your living room) you must use an adaptor to increase the flue outlet to 125mm (5") diameter on the connecting flue pipe. Since the ApplePie collection was specifically designed with canal boats, yurts and shepherd huts etc in mind it is however acceptable to use 100mm (4") diameter flue pipe in these non-domestic installations. In fact, since most of these installations will be 'single storey' the 100mm flue pipe should ensure a good, safe updraught on the shorter flue height. If in doubt use a flue draught calculation and make sure you also undertake a spillage test to be safe.

Apple Stack Stove Options

• Top oven (takes a dish or baking tray (H130 x W200 x D200 mm)
• Stainless steel warming plate (W230 x D240 mm)
• Stainless steel warming plate 30mm high safety guard rail (a must for confined spaces)
• Stainless steel shelf – handle / left side
• Stainless steel shelf – hinge / right side
• Space-saving rear vertical flue adaptor
• Direct external air supply (DEAS) box – takes 80mm ducting
• Short plate steel enclosure (716mm high) – reduces combustible distances
• Tall plate steel enclosure (931mm high) – reduces combustible distances

For Top Oven option please check out the Baked Apple and Baked Apple Stack models listed separately. 

Key Facts

Brand Ekol ApplePie
Heat Output 4.0kW nominal
Heat Range 1.0kW up to 4.1kW depending on load
Efficiency (Net) 82.0%
Defra Smoke Exempt Yes
2022 Ecodesign Yes, SIA Ecodesign Ready
Construction All Cast Iron Bodywork and Door
Flue Outlet Top or Rear 100mm (4")
Fuel Bed
Open Grate and Ash Pan (Wood / SMF)
Finish Metallic Black
Optional Finishes 9 Bodywork / Door Colours inc' Burnished Door(s)
Ideal Log Length 200mm (8")
Weight 60kg 
Air Vent Required Not usually for pre 2008 homes
Direct Air Yes, optional air box to take 80mm dia ducting
Minimum Distances  Rear 250mm Sides 350mm (for single skin flue pipe)
12 mm Hearth Yes (Subject to Building Regulations)
Single Slider for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Air
Guarantee 10 Years Bodywork (Subject to T&Cs)
Other Models Apple Stack, Baked Apple and Baked Apple Stack


Watch the ApplePie collection video here

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