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DAN SKAN – Their Innovation Lives On

We're sorry to say that the legendary and highly innovative Dan Skan stove brand is no more. In 2019 the family company was sold to its Danish production partner Hwam and since 2020 many of the famous Dan Skan models that we at The Stove Yard and our customers loved have been discontinued – but we're pleased to say not all of them. For example, popular models such as the Nuro 120 have been rebadged as the Hwam 4120.

The working relationship between Dan Skan and Hwam started over four decades ago and was so close that many of Dan Skan's revolutionary ideas were eventually incorporated into Hwam's own stoves and other advanced features, such as the state-of-the-art Intelligent Heating System (IHS), were developed together. Since 1972 Dan Skan have been renowned for the very highest design and production values in stove building and were the first stoves to introduce direct external air supply (DEAS) and later to pass the strict DIBt room seal accreditation developed for stoves operating in homes built to Passivhaus standards. They were also busy creating environmentally friendly ultra low-emissions stoves a decade before Ecodesign was even thought of.

The list of Dan Skan innovations in domestic wood burning technology is impressive and over the years they continuously set the benchmark for other manufacturers to aim for and is why we, for one, were always really big fans. At The Stove Yard we enjoyed our trips to their HQ in Hannover and grew very fond of the hands-on family – Gerde, Anja and Heiki. So it's good to know that their spirit of hygge and Dan Skan's exceptionally innovative and creative legacy is not going to be lost and is in fact alive and well in the modern wood burners of both the Hwam and the Hwam-made Wiking ranges.

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