ESSE 105

Esse were the originators of the wide body slimline stove with their best selling 100 model, which they've now upgraded internally with this Defra approved 105 version, to not only meet the tough Ecodesign emissions standards but to significantly exceed them by making this one of the cleanest burning wood burners by any stove manufacturer – and it's British made. This is all due to the introduction of a sliding catalytic converter just above the baffle plate which delivers ultra low emissions by super heating any left over particulate matter from the fire chamber burn below. CO for example is unbelievably low at just 0.02%, a figure that very few manufacturers can even come close to. This final stage of the combustion process also wrings out every last bit of energy to deliver a 5.0kW heat output with an outstanding A+ 83.7% efficiency to maximise fuel economy.

There is one single slider control just above the door to manage the combustion air supply and another push-pull control on the side to allow the catalytic filter to be moved into the correct position when the fire chamber is fully up to temperature and when it can work at its best. It's really that that easy to operate this high performance Esse stove. There's also a front and rear external riddler which you may occasionally need to use to keep the wood ash level under control. Importantly, regarding commissioning of the appliance, Esse have thoughtfully provided a flue draught test pressure point which will enable your installer to confirm that the chimney has sufficient updraught to operate the stove safely and to nip any potential problems in the bud should an issue be identified.

All-in-all with the 105 it's obvious to us that Esse have created yet another classic stove design with tremendous popular appeal, especially for those with smaller to medium sized rooms that have larger than average fireplace openings. It has the big widescreen view of the fire we all love with a strong, elegantly traditional presence for bigger fireplace openings combined with a minimal footprint and yet, despite its big appearance, it delivers a practical heat output that's very comfortable to live with in the average living space. Let's not forget too its exceptional environmental credentials. For a contemporary take on this classic check out the equally impressive Esse 155.

Key Facts
Weight 85KG
Flue Outlet Top or Rear
Nominal Heat Output 5kW
Flue Pipe Diameter 5"
Particulate Reburn™ Technology Yes
Precision Burn™ Control Yes
Efficiency Yes
EcoDesign Ready Yes
DEFRA Exempt For Use in Smoke Control Areas Yes
Clearances To Combustibles
Sides 600mm
Top 450mm
Front 305
Rear 600


Esse 105 Stove Instruction PDF


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