Sea Bangor Maritime Festival 2017

SEA Bangor Big Green Egg Burger Brawl

The Stove Yard are proud to present the second annual Big Green Egg BBQ competition at the 2017 Sea Bangor Maritime Festival in conjunction with Ards & North Down Borough Council and SERC.

This year we want the answer to one simple question: Who can make Bangor’s best burger?

Whether you want to meticulously recreate a simple classic, or go all-out on an exotic gourmet, be sure to test your metal in the ring against other would-be burger champions for the chance to win a Big Green Egg!

Each competitor will be supplied a Large Big Green Egg, a work station and a gas hob. The Big Green Eggs will be lit and ready to cook on when the competition begins. Each competitor will have one hour to make their patties, cook them and assemble their burgers.

Anything goes, so long as 6 burgers (all the same) are available to the judges after one hour.

The competition will run on the Saturday and Sunday, with the winner announced at 4pm on Sunday.

The Competition: Burger Brawl

The Date: 24th & 25th of June 2017

The Venue: Sea Bangor Maritime Festival, Bangor Seafront

Applications are now closed

Click the link above to bring you to the application form. You will be notified on Monday 5th June regarding your participation in the event. Please read and understand the rules below before applying.

1st Prize

2nd Prize

First prize is a Big Green Egg MiniMax worth £599 and second prize is a selection of Big Green Egg BBQ accessories (picture for representation only) valued at over £100!


1. Applications must be submitted via The Stove Yard website by Sunday 4th June. Applicants will be chosen and notified on Monday 5th June.
2. Burger patties are to be made at the event. The meat can be pre-minced.
3. The competition will be judged on the constructed burger only, side dishes will not be awarded points.
4. You will be provided with a gas hob as well as chopping boards, basic BBQ utensils and access to washing up facilities. All other utensils must be supplied by the competitor.
5. The burger patties must be cooked on the Big Green Egg. Pre-cooked toppings are permitted.
6. The judges must be provided with a total of 6 burgers at the end of hour.