Woody Eco Cat (Wood Only)

Chilli Penguin Woody Eco Cat Wood Burner with Catalytic Converter

The Woody Eco Cat is a contemporary styled wide body Defra approved 5.0kW wood burning stove with a catalytic converter. Stoves with catalytic converters have been around for ages and are already big in the USA, but at the moment they're still rare here. Apart from the Woody Eco Cat we only know of one other. So why choose a stove with a catalytic converter?

Without you having to do anything, the simple technology of the catalytic converter superheats exiting combustion gases to the point where even smoke is burned away and with it most of the pollutants including particulate matter (PM) and carbon monoxide (CO). For example when you compare the Woody Eco Cat to its regular multi fuel version, PM is reduced by almost half and CO by a third, plus you get a slight improvement in efficiency – A+ rated and up to 83.3%. The big double-glazed airwashed window also helps with this exceptional efficiency. The only thing you have to worry about is not to burn wet wood and you shouldn't be doing that anyway (hence Defra's high profile campaign against it). At The Stove Yard we'd strongly recommend the Woody Eco Cat for anyone who not only wishes to reduce their home's carbon footprint but who also wants to do their very best to protect and improve our air quality.

Apart from the obvious environmental benefits the Woody Eco Cat is simply a great looking stove that's designed to make a big impression in a wide fireplace opening without over-cooking you with its heat. At a nominal heat output of 5.0kW you can be sure that the Woody Eco Cat will provide you with all the heat you'll ever need for the average living space plus plenty to spare for those days when it's exceptionally cold. At only 293mm deep the Woody Eco Cat's slim footprint means that it's ideal for installing inside a shallow fireplace recess. Even if yours isn't particularly shallow it's worth considering that the Woody Eco Cat will allow you to provide more of the important air space needed at the rear to help radiate the stove's heat more efficiently and effectively.

The Woody Eco Cat has two push / pull air controls for superior fuel management, as well as a booster to maximise the flow of combustion air for quicker starting fires. It can take logs up to 430mm (17") long and when the plinth option is specified it is suitable for a 12mm decorative hearth (subject to building regulations). Being Defra approved and having a 125mm (5") flue collar means that you can also use the same size flue liner to help keep costs down and also make it easier to install in older pre-existing chimneys.


Woody Eco Cat Options

Choose from six stylish contemporary colours – the standard Penguin Black and the optional to order Charred Red, ‏Evergreen, Poor Bear Belly, Storm Blue and Seal Grey. There are also two options to create an even bigger impression with your Woody Eco Cat – extra height legs which add another 50mm or the optional plinth / store stand which increases the stove height by 196mm to a total of 780mm high and, as we've already said, this will also allow you to use a 12mm hearth.


More about the Woody Eco Cat's catalytic converter

The Woody's catalytic converter consists of a honeycomb type structure designed to maximise its overall surface area and which sits inside the top of the fire chamber. This is specially coated with catalytic materials so that when hot combustion gases pass through it and over its surfaces chemical reactions occur which change the composition of the flue gases. For example, products of incomplete combustion, which happens in all stoves by the way, such as toxic carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbon gases are oxidised into less harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) and water. These chemical reactions also release heat energy which in turn increases the temperature inside the catalytic converter further so that even more solid soot particles (PM) are burned off as well.  In fact you can see it glowing orange when fully functioning at high temperatures. All of this produces a stove with incredibly low emissions and certainly much lower than the requirements of the stringent Ecodesign limits. In addition the extra heat produced means that generally speaking you will use less fuel. Expect to replace your catalytic converter every three to five years, depending on how frequently you use your stove.



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