The Penguin 8 (Multi Fuel)

The big boy of the penguin family, cool, classic, contemporary

The medium output Penguin 8 can make a great choice for larger living rooms and its clean neutral design lines mean that it will work equally well in a contemporary or traditional fireplace. Its flame pattern and heat output can be precisely controlled with separate primary and secondary push-pull controls for wood and smokeless coal operation. This precise control ensures that you not only get a stove that can be turned down cleanly when you need to make it easier to live with but one that also helps you to maximise your fuel economy both of which are so important when the stove has a larger than average fire chamber. The Penguin 8 will safely take big logs up to 430mm (17") long and the big air washed picture window ensures that you have a great view of the fire as well as an outstanding focal point in your living room.

Unusually for an 8kW multi fuel stove the Penguin 8 has a 125mm top or rear flue outlet (and not the usual 150mm / 6") which actually offers some installation advantages if you have a shorter chimney (eg in a bungalow) which is, say, somewhere between the minimum 4.5m building regulations requirement and 8.0m in height. This is because maintaining the flue's 125mm diameter can usually make it much easier to achieve the recommended 12 pascals operating flue pressure. However, it is important to note that you can only do this when the optional Penguin 8's Defra smoke exempt kit is fitted. This then permits you to use a 125mm (5") flue system or flexible liner so that the installation can still comply with regulations. The Defra kit will further enhance the 8's environmental credentials so in The Stove Yard's opinion we would recommend that this is always fitted, whether or not you live in a Smoke Control Area, you have a short flue or your chimney won't cope with anything wider, since it will be virtually impossible to operate this stove in a way that creates nuisance smoke or produces unwanted soot build-up in the flue – providing your wood is always fully seasoned, that is.

The combustion technology inside the Penguin 8 stove is just about as good as it gets these days too and incorporates pre-heated tertiary air jets to maximise efficiency (81%) and minimise emissions with an effective pre-heated secondary airwash system designed to keep the glass and the fire chamber as clean as possible. There's a combustion air booster on the front which provides additional air to ensure faster and safer firelighting so that in most cases you won't have to leave the door ajar. You can also use this booster on the occasions when its taking longer to warm the flue and there's insufficient updraught (eg freezing cold days).

Penguin 8 options include a matching plinth (aka log or store stand) which increases the overall height of the stove from 590mm (23.2" approx) to an impressive 811mm (40" approx) while still maintaining a well-balanced look and there's also a choice of five contemporary colours including Charcoal Grey and Almond. The optional 3kW stainless steel boiler, which can be ordered factory fitted or retro fitted when you're ready, can deliver a similar amount of domestic hot water to an old open fire back boiler (but for about half the running costs) making it a practical and cost-effective replacement. Alternatively, you can choose to power two or three small radiators as well as delivering heat to the room where the stove is located so the Penguin 8 could also provide a practical solution for a smaller dwelling such as a cottage. Remember that, since there's no such thing as free heat, when using the Penguin 8 with the boiler this will reduce the heat output to the room to approximately 5kW – still enough for a good sized room. Also, please note that when using the stove with boiler fitted the Penguin 8 will no longer be a Defra Exempt Appliance and you must therefore also use a 150mm (6") flue system to comply with building regulations.

Direct external air supply (DEAS) capability is also an inexpensive option when the Chilli Penguin direct air kit is specified and finally, there's a steel base heat shield option which will permit you to use the basic Penguin 8 (without the plinth) on a 12mm decorative non-combustible hearth. The Penguin 8, when used with the plinth, is already suitable for a 12mm hearth and therefore doesn't need the optional heat shield so for a little extra this costs over the heat shield it might be worth getting the plinth if you have the space.


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