The Milano Pizza Oven

Earth Fires Pizza Ovens

Already smelling the freshly cooked dough? You won’t have to wait long as the pizza’s are cooked in 90-120 seconds. So invite everyone round and prepare your food and wood-fired pizza oven!

The Milano 830 Pizza Oven

The Milano is the smaller of the two ovens ideal for most domestic settings, entertaining smaller parties or those with limited garden space.

Fits 1-2 Pizzas
Total Weight 180kg (2 pieces)
RRP £630


Fireclay Construction

The Milano pizza ovens are made from fireclay bricks in both the hearth and the dome. The fireclay bricks are essential as they can withstand the very high temperatures required for cooking pizza and also retaining this heat without letting it dissipate. A sign of a good quality fireclay brick is that it will keep the oven hot for over 6 hours. The ideal temperature for a pizza is 370oC far exceeding the temperature of a conventional oven.


Earth Fires Milano Pizza Ovens come pre-fabricated. For occasional users you will only need to prepare your base. For frequent users we recommend adding a fire blanket and layer of fireclay/fondu mix for better insulation and to prolong the life of the oven.

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