The Eighty Ate "88" (Multi Fuel)

Big boy, Big oven, Big love

The Penguin 88 features the same 8kW clean burn fire chamber as the Penguin 8 but also offers you some additional benefits that are well worth considering.

Let's start with the most obvious one – the 88's generously proportioned oven and top hot pate. These are much bigger than on the Hungry, Fat and High & Mighty Chilli Penguins thus widening the choice of dishes that you will be able to cook. Not only is the oven 190mm (7.5" approx) wider at 440mm (17.5" approx) but it is also a further 110mm higher (4" approx) so that it can easily accommodate typical pots and casserole dishes and their lids at up to 175mm (7") high allowing you to cater for four or five people. Of course if you just want some proper slow-baked potatoes with crispy skins then then Penguin 88 will cope wonderfully. Not only that, with its optional stainless steel drop on protective top for the hot plate, the special combination of big hot plate and big oven really adds to the overall versatility of the Eighty Ate.

The integral plinth (log store / store sand) provides the height to ensure that the tall side convection panels, which warm the room's air on the firebox sides as it enters at the bottom and leaves at the top, can be highly effective at quickly heating a large room or living space. The oven, the plinth and the convector panels all add to the 88's big visual presence so that will make a striking centre-piece whether used in a fireplace or freestanding.

As with all Chilli Penguins there's an exceptional clean burn system with pre-heated tertiary air and an effective pre-heated secondary airwash which not only delivers the high efficiencies (81%for wood) you expect but is also designed to help minimises the Penguin 88's environmental impact. Supreme controllability comes as standard with separate chrome finished primary and secondary push-pull controls and an additional booster control for much quicker starts. The Penguin 88 comes with a Defra Smoke Exempt kit for installations in Smoke Control Areas (all UK urban areas) and fitting it will ensure that your stove will always burn cleanly – provided you're only using seasoned wood.

Since your Eighty Ate stove will be built to order you can choose one of five striking paint finishes (apart from traditional black) and you also have the option of adding a 3kW stainless steel boiler for domestic hot water or to power a couple of central heating radiators. The boiler will reduce the heat output to the room to around 5kW, making it much easier to live with in typical sized living spaces. However, the Penguin 88 will not be Defra Exempt when the boiler is fitted. In addition you can also specify a Direct External Air Supply (DEAS) for low energy dwellings or where there is some mechanical extraction like a cooker hood (subject to the appropriate spillage tests). The Penguin 88 – more than a stove, it's a way of life.


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