The Chilli Billie (Wood only)

The Chilli Billie (Wood only) - Stôf Fach Gyda Chalon Fawr

The little stove with a big heart

The hand-built Chilli Billie is the smallest Chilli Penguin stove, but it still makes a really great looking heat solution – especially when you're very short of space and where its tested 3.5kW heat output will be more than adequate. This makes it the 'must have' stove for camping pods, sheds, beach huts, yurts and canal boats (subject to the usual carbon monoxide and distance to combustible materials safety considerations) and when you bear in mind that it has also been designed to allow you to heat up a kettle or small saucepan on its lid this makes the Chilli Billie a supremely practical choice when you're off-grid too. In fact this stove was developed in conjunction with Puki Pods, the Welsh manufacturers of the wonderful gothic-arched timber camping pods.

Having said that, the Chilli Billie has also been tested and approved for use in homes but it is important to note that whilst its 4" (105mm) diameter flue outlet would probably be acceptable for non-domestic applications, the manufacturer strongly recommends that the Chilli Billie is always installed with a factory-made flue increasing adaptor to create a typical 5" (125mm) flue outlet and matching system. When installed in a home it must always be used with a 125mm (5") flue system to comply with Building Regulations and as an officially listed Defra Smoke Exempt Appliance, you won't need to use the standard minimum 150mm (6") flue.

The Chilli Billie has good sized porthole window and there is an optional affordable matching robustly constructed detachable steel shelf which allows you to safely remove and store your hot kettle or pot well away from the top 'hotplate' or when you need to top load your fuel. Top loading your wood logs means that you can load them vertically so that the Chilli Billie will actually take a longer log (up to 250mm / 10") than even some physically bigger stoves. When you need to remove the wood ash you do this is via a small letter-box sized hatch at the base of the fire chamber.

There's a circular combustion air booster knob on the front (behind which the lighting access point is also concealed) to ensure easier and quicker lighting. There are also two other controls which alter the combustion air mix to deliver the desired flame pattern and heat output. These controls are on the bottom left side and top right front and are simple to understand and use once you've had a little bit of practice. There's a choice of six bodywork colours – traditional black, charcoal grey, forest green, almond white, storm blue (dark blue) and mojave red, which are nicely contrasted with stainless steel porthole frame and controls.

Please note: If you're planning on installing the Chilli Billie in a 'temporary' building eg one made of wood and / or with close proximity to combustible materials as previously mentioned, then we would strongly recommend buying the curved protective metal heat shield enclosure which also includes a protective hearth. Specially designed to co-ordinate with the Chilli Billie's great looks, the enclosure is made from a sandwich of metal and air to the sides, rear and base to prevent the transfer of heat and will help greatly reduce the safe distances to combustible materials making the Chilli Billie both a practical and safe choice for a small temporary space. Remember to also provide the same safety considerations to the flue pipe, especially where it penetrates any timber roof or wall.


Penguin Colours



Output 3.5kW
Output Range 2.5 – 4.0kW
Efficiency 80.0% (Net)
Defra Approved
Wood Only
Airwash Yes
Air Controls Starter booster for quick starts plus 2 regulators
Construction Steel
Flue Outlet
Top only
Flue Size
105mm/4” - recommended 5" flue system
Grate Type
Grate and ash pan
Guarantee 7 Years
Additional Finishes
Grey, Red, Almond, Green and Dark Blue
Max. Log Length
250 x 80mm / 10 x 4" Vertical
Weight 50kg
Air Vent Required
Not normally, subject to building regulations.
Direct Air Inlet (DEAS)

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