Stove and Glass Cleaner – Professional Formula

This professional grade stove and glass cleaner makes light work of removing tough grime and burned-on deposits from:
  • Wood burning stoves and stove glass
  • Enamel flues
  • Domestic ovens and oven doors
  • Hobs
  • BBQs
  • And much, much more

The expert formula effortlessly powers through burned-on tar, creosote, food grease and other carbon deposits, leaving your appliances and surfaces sparkling like new in no time.


  • Valiant Professional formula contains sodium hydroxide
  • Before use, wear eye, face and hand protection and do not breathe vapour as irritation will occur
  • Do not use on aluminium surfaces
  • Always test on an inconspicuous area first if not sure
  • For further safety information, please consult the data sheet

Click here to view the Safety Data Sheet

PLEASE NOTE - due to the hazardous content of this product it cannot be delivered via Royal Mail.


    1. Cover surrounding area to protect from possible spillage
    2. Spray onto surface and allow time to do its work. The solution will work faster if your appliance or surface is warm (not hot!)
    3. Do not allow to dry out
    4. Agitate with a brush or cloth to lift grime. Repeat if required
    5. Wipe off completely with a clean damp cloth

    Product height: 195mm
    Product volume: 500ml
    Product weight: 650g

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